Information reaching through sources in Nanka, Anambra State indicates that a Nigerian police officer may have been shot dead by armed robbers yesterday evening [Thursday, August 15, 2014] in Nanka following a robbery spree of surrounding petrol stations.



As gathered, the group of robbers who were reported by eyewitnesses to be heavily armed, swooped into some of the petrol stations located along the Awka/Ekwulobia road in Nanka, robbing the workers and killing some. One of the petrol stations robbed included, Johnyson Oil and Petrol Station located in Ifite village Nanka. Two female attendants were shot and injured while one other was shot dead on the spot.

While making their exist from the filling station, along the Awka/Ekwulobia road, the robbers ran into a police officer believed to be parked by the roadside at a mechanic shop. They shot the officer killing him instantly.

The robbers, who eyewitnesses said rode in a Japanese sports car, are believed to have escaped.

The identities of the injured and killed are not certain. placed a call to the state police headquarters in Awka, the police public relations officer [PPRO] stated that he just assumed office yesterday – and so, will be need more time to respond.

stay tuned.


2 Comments to: Police Officer Shot Dead By Armed Robbers In Nanka, Anambra

  1. PHILLIP OGBUNIKE (Ezekwesiri of Nanka)

    August 16th, 2014

    I just want to send prayer to those victims, at the same time encouraging those owners of oil farms owners to secure their business, because if there is security in those gas stations that were Robbed, the robbers will not have gone there.

    one or two police officer or well armed security officers are needed in any-business that handling cash such as gas-stations, supper stores

    however, Governor proposed of employing security drone. I believe those are the way of covering-up they personal business, even if there is drone. God is the best guard we have.

    Nanka people, may we ever dwell in the Etnal light of divine wisdom.
    Peace profound (Ezekwesiri of Nanka)

  2. Passionately Nigerian

    August 15th, 2014

    Mr. Anambra State Governor, was your drone asleep when this officer of the law was murdered. Please keep the drone awake at all times.