Eagles Were Robbed— Odemwingie


NIGERIA’S Osaze Odemwingie has queried the officiating of American referee, Mark Geiger in the 0-2 loss to France in the Round of 16, describing it as appalling.


Odemwingie says the officiating was against what the general coordinator for the game, Walter Sieber of Canada came to preach to the Super Eagles in Campinas, the Nigerian team base camp.

“I recall that when the Canadian came to us he showed us a film of a defender holding down a striker in the vital area in the course of a game and he was very clear that it should be a penalty,” Osaze said.

“I was then shocked that when I was held by the waist by a French defender, so much so that I could not move with the referee watching at close range, the man waived play on instead of a penalty and a possible expulsion for the player.

“FIFA should not make the world believe that they use double standard at the World Cup, I am shocked that even the media is keeping quiet over the blatant officiating.”

He also lambasted the cancellation of Nigeria’s opening goal and the brutish hacking of teammate Onazi.

“It was obvious that some forces wanted France to defeat us at all cost but one day Africa will get at par with the rest of the World in football.”

Source: Tribune



  1. I am glad to know that someone else other than myself noted these unfortunate observations as outlined by Osaze. You know what? Osaze is quite spot on with his comments and I do agree with him there were so many officiating flaws made by the match referee against Nigeria on that day. Amazingly, no one (journlist) has said anything about it until now. Hopefully the noted circumstances would help open up discussions and possibly sway opinions towards the right direction.


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