Abia 2015- The Greatest Legacy Ochendo Will Leave Behind – By Dr. Kenneth Anozie



The City of Aba is in the heart of the Ngwa Nation; a very powerful industrial / commercial nerve center that prides itself as the Dubai of Nigeria. Some of the best clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories one finds across Nigeria are produced in Aba. In fact most of the residents and those who come into Aba to do business understand the role of Aba as the headquarters of Clothes and shoe making in Nigeria and beyond. Aba is a very important city in Nigeria. The people are very ingenuous. The people are quietly but steadily making very powerful political agitation; they want the Governorship of Abia State zoned to them; ie Abia South Senatorial Zone.


Governor T.A Orji understands this and has set all the machinery in motion to maintain the status and importance of the city, and is working assiduously to ensure that this role of the city is maintained. Aba has been cleaned up; the infrastructural improvement in the city is unprecedented. The Governor has also hearkened to their political agitation. In fact A Daniel, well Ochendo Global has indeed come to judgment for the Ngwa nation by zoning the governorship to it.


This write up is not actually about the city of Aba, but we shall return to that later. Ngwa people are notable farmers, craftsmen, warriors, and they can be found in large numbers in all the trades and Professions one can think of around the Nation and even internationally. They are resilient, totally committed to improving the welfare of their people and hold very sensitive positions in government circles at the State, and Federal Institutions. However, they seem a marginalized people.



Power shift or zoning has always being a tool to assuage the feelings of marginalization of any people; and very importantly it gives a sense of belonging to a people who see themselves as part and parcel of the larger State. All over the States of the Federation this phenomena is gaining political momentum. In Anambra State, the people of Anambra North mounted such a spirited agitation that most of us who were not part of that area joined in the agitation and it was eventually carried. In Enugu State the Nsukka people are doing the same and the Governor has conceded to their agitation. In Ebonyi State, the Afikpo people are not relenting and the authorities and major Stakeholders have conceded to them. Imo is not left behind as the Owerri Zone has also mounted a spirited campaign for the Governorship to come from their Zone.


Did we not see what happened in the United States of America where a little known Black Senator, Barrack Obama overcame a Political dynasty and Amazon Hilary Clinton to clinch the Democratic ticket and eventually won the Presidency. This was because the major Stakeholders came to the conclusion that power should shift to the minority to also give them a sense of belonging in a country the Blacks have called home.



News has filtered out from the seat of power in Umuahia that the Governor of Abia State, Dr. T.A Orji and major Stakeholders from the State have on principle agreed that the Governorship of Abia State should be zoned to the Ngwa area, particularly Abia South Senatorial Zone. This is a very good development and speaks volume of a Governor who reads the heart beat of his people and understands that those who must come to equity must do so with clean hands. This is in keeping with the principles of zoning as enshrined in the PDP constitution, as Abia is in the firm grip of the PDP. It is a well known fact that since the creation of Abia State no Ngwa man or woman has made the governorship of Abia State, and now the agitation is mounting daily which has attracted the attention of major Stakeholders. Very good development one might say. But the governor should do more.



His Excellency, Ochendo Dr. T. A Orji, the Executive Governor of Abia State has not only liberated Abia from the iron grip of past leaders who used the State for diabolic experiment, but he has defined development of Abia in new and bold terms; THE OCHENDO LEGACY PROJECTS are doting every nook and cranny of Abia and the people are rejoicing. Everywhere you go in Abia State today, the governor, after his “Liberation Struggles” is changing the face of Abia through Giant Strides of a massive Infrastructural development unequalled in the annals of Abia’s history. “Ochendo Global” needs all the commendations and accolades befitting of his unparalleled accomplishments. This is what we observed during our fact finding tour of Abia State.


Leadership is nothing but a failure if a worthy successor did not succeed the leader. This is where and how Ochendo’s legacy will be measured by history. Will he live up to it?


Mgboko Umuoria Kingdom is a quiet village tucked in the middle of Obingwa Local Government of Abia State, about 15 kilometers North east of Aba city, on the old Umuahia-Aba road. It is part of Abia South Senatorial Zone. The Chairman of Abia Council of Ndi Eze, Eze Eberechi Dick weighs influence over the Community and other Communities in the Locality. There is a confirmed report that the area parades some very powerful Governorship hopefuls like Sir Barr Friday Nwosu, a humble self made devote Christian whose heart beat for the development of Abia State is infectious. The reason for this is very obvious: the Governorship of Abia has been zoned to them and every ambitious politician will like to take advantage of it. We shall return to this.


Recently, I traversed the length and breadth of Abia State in the company of some notable Nigerians like Alhaji Aminu Saidu, President Arewa Consultative Forum, (South-South and South-East), Comrade Anselem Nebeife, former NANS Senate President, Comrade Philip Madaki, National Youth leader; THE GOODLUCK NIGERIA NEEDS PROJECT, Hon Izuchukwu Nwosu, Zonal Youth Leader; The Goodluck Nigeria Needs Project and Hon Segun Jones, A Journalist and a Political Commentator. After 3 days of pounding all parts of the State to see for ourselves the developmental strides of His Excellency, Governor T.A Orji (Ochendo Global), we came to the conclusion that what Abia needs is a regime of continuity, which will consolidate the giant strides already made by the Governor; a regime that will continue from where the Governor have stopped, with someone who will not rock the boat of Abians. That is the crux of this write up. Who succeeds Ochendo Global, on whose hand will he leave the wonderful legacy he will leave behind in Abia State, and concentrate on his Senate duties, which my Organization will formally endorse him very soon.




As at the last count various names are being paraded. So many others are also coming out to join the race. During our tour of Abia in our quest to feel the pulse of Abians we interacted with some Professionals, Local Party Faithful, the Youth, market Women and so many Artisans and farmers who provided us with the kind of leader they want to see as the next Governor of Abia State. One Dr. Ajike Kalu who is a Senior Medical Practioner in the State based in Umuahia and an indene of Ohafia LGA echoed in two sentences the feelings of most other Abians with whom we interacted with. “Governor Theodore Orji has performed creditably well, and it will be to his credit that a Governor from Abia South extraction succeeds him. Abia will also need a thorough bred Professional, humble, with passion for the accelerated development of Abia State, (to continue from where Ochendo stopped), a man of vision, a man who cares about others, a man who will inspire Abians to the next level, a man who is not boastful, a humble man but who loves and fears God”. This in a nutshell is what the generality of Abians are looking forward to from May 29th, 2015.



“I have not seen a man with so much means, but yet humble, passionate about people and fears God. In fact he is a Knight indeed.” These are the words with which Father Daniel Ndubuisi of St. Dominican’s Catholic Church, Ngodo Isuochi       described Sir Barr. Friday Nwanozie Nwosu, when we met with him. Barr Friday Nwosu, (KSM)is a Knight of the Order of Mulumba. He is a man who defied “poverty gravity”, and pursued his goals with zeal and determination that today he is the front runner for the position of the Governor of Abia State. He has taken his quest to all the Local Governments of the State and interacted deeply with many Stakeholders, Leaders and Abians in general and the response has been politically monumental.


Meeting this humble, unassuming, passionate yet bold and articulate Professional is a journey in life experience. “If I will not meet the expectations of Abians, let God stop me from being Governor of Abia State.”  This is the way he started with us when we met him at his Mgboko Umuoria Country Home amidst a multitude of supporters who daily throng his compound to show solidarity and also wish him well in his aspiration.


Sir Barr. Friday Nwosu is from Mgboko Umuoria Kingdom, Obingwa Local Government of Abia State, part of Abia South senatorial Zone. He possesses an uncanny knowledge of Abia, her people and history and he has vowed to use his vast network, deep knowledge, foreign connections and the wisdom God has imbued him with to set Abia as the fastest growing economy in Nigeria. “Every sector will receive boom in my administration; Agriculture, Tourism, Trade and Investment, Education, the Environment, Housing, etc and Aba will be made the Dubai of Africa”; “I will continue and improve from where Ochendo Global stops, because he has done great to transform Abia State”, Barr Nwosu, a man without any political baggage or hangover concluded.



There is something also very remarkable about Sir Friday Nwosu; he is very passionate, and a complete believer in the Transformation Agenda of the President. Hear him; “President Jonathan has redefined leadership in Nigeria, and has set a standard in massive development of Nigeria in all sectors, Education, Transport, Agriculture, Economy, Road Infrastructure, Airport improvement, safety of our Airs, Reform in the Power Sector, Reform of the Political process like ensuring that the votes count, and the current National Conference as well as Welfare of the citizens and more importantly tackling the menace of insurgency in our national Life. That is why Nigerians will keep supporting him despite other challenges dogging the nation”.


And for Bar Nwosu’s passion and support for Mr. President he has been appointed as the Patron of various Pro Jonathan NGOs like; The Goodluck Nigeria Needs Project, Team Goodluck Nigeria, MOVE NIGERIA, Ndi Igbo Friends of Goodluck and several others, and he is presently sponsoring the most powerful book to be written to appraise the 4 years of the Transformation program: THE GOODLUCK NIGERIA NEEDS: The Journey So Far, Beyond 2015.





Every part of Abia State we visited, from Isukwuato to Bende to Umuahia/Ibeku and Ngwa axis, there is this frenzy about Barr Nwosu’s quest to serve that has become infectious. The Slogan in everybody’s’ mouth today is; “THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY”


When we concluded our tour of Abia, one thing was very uppermost in our mind; as those who believe in the Ochendo Legacies, his greatest achievement will be to ensure that the person who takes over from him as governor possesses the attributes, passion, loyalty, vision and wisdom that Bar Nwosu is imbued with; that will be Dr. T.A Orji’s greatest legacies. This is because the Governor will not need to watch his back as he settles down in the Hallowed Chambers of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to continue his Legacies at the Federal Level.


Dr. Kenneth Anozie wrote in from Abuja

Dr. Anozie is a Public Affairs Commentator/Political Consultant

He is also the Author: THE GOOD LUCK NIGERIA NEEDS




  1. This guy sound more like a paid trumpeter than an independent public affairs commentator. This Friday Nwosu guy he is promoting has never really been heard of by majority of Abians. Every Abian is passionate about one thing or the other, concerning the state, including Chief Emeka Kalu; but, does that mean they know what Abians need and how to give it to them? Nope!

    For a public affairs commentator to be so blatantly partial in his commentary is very disappointing. I do not have a preferred candidate for the governorship of Abia; all I pray is that anyone who succeeds TAO should sum up enough courage to extend social amenities beyond Umuahia, something TAO really failed to do.

    If a solution to the Aba problem lies in an Ngwa son/daughter being governor of Abia, so be it. Aba is the cash cow of the southeast, and why past and present governors of the state failed to recognize that really beats any imagination. Any governor who can milk it properly will never go begging for nickels and dimes at Abuja


  3. T.A would remained honoured ,and we ask that God gives him sufficient grace to carry on the
    affairs of this great state of what many have described as one of the
    poorest states in the South East .His labour shall not be in vain, he
    has been steadfast, and has not be
    deterred by criticisms of those who knows nothing about democracy,
    about moral burden he inherited .But despite the challenges, he has made
    quite a huge effort which has resulted to a speedy development of our
    twenty two year old state. It’s obvious that the impact and contribution
    may have not been felt so swiftly, but am sure that in no less a time
    to come; Abians will find T.A Orji for more honours.


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