President Jonathan Stops Fashola’s Housing Project With Soldiers





President Goodluck Jonathan has stopped the Ilubirin Foreshore Housing Project being embarked upon by Governor Babatunde Fashola.



Governor Fashola disclosed this Wednesday at an event marking his 2,500 days in office at the Lagos Television Ground, Ikeja, Lagos, southwest Nigeria.



The governor said his administration had sandfilled the area to build about 1,800 housing units under the Lagos Homes Ownership Mortgage Scheme, HOMS.



Fashola said he was informed that the land was invaded last Saturday by soldiers who erected a signboard that the land belonged to the Federal Government in a bid to stop the state government from developing its housing scheme on the land.



He said as he was driving through the area this morning he saw a signboard on the land indicating that it belonged to the Federal Government.



“The Ilubirin Foreshore land where we are about to construct our estate was taken over on Saturday by soldiers. This is what we get for giving Jonathan 1.2 million votes from Lagos,” he lamented.



The governor also disclosed that on a land the government wanted to erect 48 flats at Oyingbo, some people have gone to bring soldiers to stop the work from going on.



Fashola said the people were claiming that the land belonged to the Federal Government, adding that as at now, the project has been stalled.



According to Fashola, the land belongs to the state government and was acquired by the military administration of Mobolaji Johnson for the state several years ago.



Fashola lamented that the state government had been receiving unfair treatment from the Federal Government despite the fact that it gave Jonathan huge votes in 2011.



He said while other states who gave President Goodluck Jonathan fewer votes were getting full ministerial positions, Lagos was only given a junior ministerial position, the position of Minister of State.



Fashola added that the ministerial position being held by Olusegun Aganga was not on behalf of Lagos State as he is from Edo State, but noted that Aganga had been very helpful in the development of the Free Trade Zone in Lekki.



He also lamented that some people who claimed to be from Lagos and were given ministerial position in the past used it to wage war against the state.




  2. Why is Fashola always looking for the smallest excuse to denigrate the presidency. Does he think he can blackmail the Federal Government into ceding Federal Govt property or give Lagos State juicy ministries only because Lagos voted for Jonathan. How has Fashola treated Igbo traders that voted for him (Fashola) Why is everything politics to him.

  3. Is Fashola also from Lagos State?
    What makes Raji more of a lagosian than Olusegun?
    I guess the name Fashola in contrast to the name Aganga. They both may have been born and raised in Lagos, but one’s father is from Edo and the other is from ????. Someone should educate the Governor that historically, edos are lagosians.

  4. @folu & chison…. u guys are fools and dump heads for what u ppl said clearly stated that like citizens like their president…. what even if the land belong to FG and SG have a good plan for it? all i expect from FG is to support and encourage but not to stop and invade the area with soldiers…. jonathan is fool of highest order.

  5. GEJ is not competent, so any one that talks about him awaits attack…..this is not one of the characters of a good PRESIDENT.

  6. You guys should just reason and talk out of foolishness. We must learn to know our limits. The President is right and must be respected by your so-called Fashola the most confused governor.

  7. Governor Fashola, should revisit the Land Use Decree, that was promulgated by his brother, the former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. This law was decreed to let our former boss, grab as much land as he could for his Ota Farm.
    Law is made for everyone not for certain Individuals, organisations , ethnic groups or any particular State.
    Therefore, all lands belong to the Federal government. They need to be informed and appropriate bureaucratic processes followed and authorised, before the commencement of the project.
    GEJ has done nothing wrong this time, Mr Governor (Sir).

  8. One good turn deserves another. After your anti party activities & betrayals that gave GEJ 1.2m votes what moral justification do you all have to ask GEJ to do otherwise? He paid you guys for the votes after all.


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