Anambra Vigilantee Kills, Dump Corpse in Dust Bin

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As the people of Anambra State keep deicing the proliferation of prohibited firearms via setting up of local vigilantes by the immediate past administration headed by Chief Peter Obi, Ibolo Layout, Obosi Idemili North Local Government Area of the State is on the news for having allegedly shot and killed yet to be identified man and in trying to cover up their sin clandestinely, the vigilantees were accused to have dumped the corpse of their victim in the dust bin at the borrow pit along Onitsha-Owerri Road within the community.


The vigilante group led by one Chima Onouha popularly known as Okaa Oburuzo  were allegedly arrested by the Awada Police Division but were allowed to escape through the back door after ‘Ghana Must Go Bag’ must have done its dirty job as the vigilantees are said to be beaten their chests that they have dammed the case.


An eyewitness who spoke to 3rd under the condition of anonymity alleged that the deceased whom his particulars are not yet known as at the time of filling this report had a squabbles with one of his business partners and was unable to settle his case, which made his business partner to  report the matter to the office of the vigilantees in Ibolo Layout; “and they swung into action by apprehending and after torturing the man, one of the vigilantees allegedly murdered the late man under extra-judicial circumstance.


3rd was reliably informed that when they noticed that the man has joined his ancestors, the vigilantes on the alleged instruction of their leader, (Chima Onouha) agreed that the best way to cover up the crime was to take the remains of the deceased to the dust bin but as God has concluded exposing them, blood that was gushing from the murdered man led to the prove of where the corpse was dumped.


“The Borrow pit is just few poles away to the vigilant office but for the fact that the Indian Hemp dealers use to send their retunes to the vigilant executives, they became adamant of whatever crime that is going on in the said Borrow pit. As the dirty business men gather to for the day’s business, the Indian helmp dealers and smokers are the people that discovered the corpse in the dust bin and on sighting it, they flew for fear of police arrest and broadcasted the story to our hearing” Our source alleged.


“When I heard of the shock story, as a good Nigerian, I informed the police and they were invited to explain but to my chagrin, the perpetuators were not even arraigned in the Court of law. This is Nigeria for you but I know that God is watching everyone of us” 3rd’s source stated.


Commenting on the matter, a prominent person in Ibolo Layout under the condition of anonymous revealed that the crime actually took place, accusing the vigilantes and the leadership of Ibolo Layout to have claimed that it was an insane woman that was climbing a wall was shot dead by one of the vigilante. Our source went on to call the law enforcement agents to investigate the activities of the vigilant group not only in Ibolo Layout but AnambraState at large.


Efforts made to reach the President General of Ibolo Layout Obosi, Chief, Chimezie Asochukwu, Awada Divisional Police Officer for comment as at the time of going to the press was not fruitful but very dependable source within the office of the President General of the community made it known that the leadership of the community having influenced the police to their side, affirming that the case will not see the light of the day.



  1. They only closed d mouth of pple but not d eyes of God Almighty…..i only pity their children cos they will die more miserable death dan dis poor victim!!!

  2. d second commander of ugwuagba is incharge of dis rubbish,he wnts 2 take over ibolo security unit pls police 4rm state go 2 him and ask him y dis rubbish comment abt ibolo vigilanty dat i knw vry well,i rilli hate nigeria 4 secret conspirancy,i blv d obiano men shd cum into dis matter,arrest d cheif security of ibolo,arrest d second comander of ugwuagba 4 fake information,infect arrest evrybody u cn use for the real information

  3. second commander ugwubga u are mumu,selfish and fool,u tink d vigilantee boys wil run away from their office,,,for wht?,,,,pls keep sending your men to go and find out if the’ve all run away,,,u wil kip fail 4 ur secret conspiracy,,,,john ure ryt and pls to inform u all,we will still be on net to see ur rubbish comment abt ibolo community dat u wish to control as a commander,,,pls arrest dat fool call ecko or wht ever u call urself,,,bye

  4. chi re u sayin dat,dat pic is dsame wit does comment,pls pity u 4 self blv nd pls remove god in dis cos d is no man dat was killed in ibolo am a tennant in ibolo so dis is fake information or go and arrest dem nah,,,,


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