“We Are Seeing Hell” – Borno Elders



The Bornu Elders, gave a graphic details of how life in Borno and the

entire north east has been reduced to hell by the activities



Addressing a gathering of Northern Elders Forum in Kano, Zanna Hassan

Boguma who delivered a goodwill message on behalf of Borno Elders

Forum declared that the entire region is now engaged in full time war

from enemy within.


Boguma stated that “we have been seeing hell, our people are

constantly decimated, our towns and villages razed, properties

destroyed, schools and places of worship burnt, even innocent

travelers were not spared” .


The elder stateman said that from the inceasant attack that the axis

had witnessed in the last weeks was a confirmation of how vulnerable

the entire region is.

He disclosed that the region has been turn in to a war zone with

attendant humanitarian crisis, stressing that this is the time the

whole country should mobilized to stop the carnage.



Boguma who doubted the intention of the perpetrators of this crime

against humanity in the region was quick to add that “much as we know,

the whole matter has nothing to do with claimed intention of a section

imposing their will on the others, or issues of sharia or making the

country ungovernable for the President or a religious war as they want

to look at it”.


He however accused the Federal Government of lacking the political

will to address the crisis, pointing out that Borno Elders is

surprised at the grave yard silence of Government and its inability to

implement several report on the insurgency turned in by expert engaged

to do so by the same Government.


The Borno Elders noted that the solution to the crisis does not lie

with the PDP or APC, maintaining that the situation at hand transcend

politics and urged the entire Country to identify with them at the

moment of need.


This catastrophe which has befallen us should be the concern of all

Northerners irrespective of tribe, region, or creed. Those of you who

are residing far away shold know that other citizens needed your

sympathy and attention”.


Boguma posited that “until those who were namd as supporters,

financiers, and alliesto the Boko Haram were brought to justice,

untilthe political Boko Haram were apprehended and prosecuted, until

the operations to contain this madness is sincerely handled, lives of

our innocent villagers will continued to be sacrificed”.



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