Traditional Ruler Blames Al-Makura For Benue Crisis

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Traditional head of the Gwer West people of Benue State, Ter Nagi,

Ayua Abomtse, has blamed the government of Nasarawa State over the

spate of killings in parts of Tiv land by suspected herdsmen and

called on the federal government to call Governor Tanko Al-Makura to



He alleged that the governor and authorities of Nasarawa State were

aiding the suspected attackers to carry out mayhem in Tivland by

allowing them use their domain as passage route.


“The Nasarawa government is consciously allowing this to happen,” he said.


Chief Abomtse, who said nothing concrete has come out of the several

peace   committees set up by both states in the past, accused

Al-makura of insincerity in ending the crisis.


  1. Haba Ter Nagi, Ayua Ambotse, are you saying that Almakura has an army? Is it not the responsibility of the Nigerian Police, army, navy, air force, civil defence corp, customs, immigration, etc to maintain law and order? Are these authorities now controlled by Almakura? If Almakura gives safe passage to the attackers, whoever they are, can’t Suswam block and neutralise them?
    Please look after the welfare of your people and do what is necessary. We need peace in this country. All eaders, elected and unelected should stop being selfish and make sacrifice for the peace and harmony of our people and country.


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