The Name: Citizen Ikenna Samuelson And The True Definition Of An Ingrate – By Ambrose Nwaogwugwu


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“If a man returns evil for good, evil will never depart from his house. Bread of deceit is sweet to the mouth, but afterwards, the same mouth will be filled with gravels and stones”

These are one of the glossary of Citizen Ikenna Samuelson’s letter to his execellency, RT Hon Benjamin Uwagumogu on 25th December, 2013 titled; MY MEMO: THE TRUTH, in coincidence the clause happens to be the full reaping or repercussion of an “Ingrate”. In the said letter, mr Samuelson outlined and dissected the reasons behind his purported resignation as the SSA to the speaker Imo house of Assembly which paved way to his blatant and frivolous campaigns of calumny on the person of his former boss who brought him out from the level of obscurity to the level of a meaningful living. Citizen Ikenna Samuelson is suddenly becoming the talk of the town in Imo State and like a new disease in a town, it is now in the columns of the newspapers for the very obvious wrong reasons.


For my readers who are unfamiliar with the name, Citizen Ikenna Samuelson used be an aide to the current Imo state house of Assembly Speaker, RT Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu and recently, they had a rift between themselves because of issues bordering on neglects on the core mandates of the office and insurbordination on the part of the aide,Samuelson. Owning to his gross neglect to the office of the speaker, he was suspended and in implementing the principles of “second chance”, the speaker in his unaltered magnanimity re-asigned him to another office and for Samuelson who could no longer bear the shame in the presence of his fellow colleagues, resigned but there are some strong indications from genuine sources that Samuelson was eventually sacked for the very same reasons he was suspended and hence, he feigned up resignation to cover up the impending embarrassment.


This is the third months since the Citizen Ikenna Samuelson’s brouhaha on the speaker is renting the spaces in the pages of newspapers and since then, I have been closely been under-studying the events that leads to the other, As a social critic and a blunt social-political analyst, I chosed to keep mum to research more before I have to issue my thoughts on the said issue. When it comes to politics, people plays politics with it and when it comes to truisms, men of lively conscience and sober august personage characters like me must not fail to make my unadulterated perceptions and thoughts about the Samuelson and Speaker’s quagmire known because silence in my understanding means connivance and acceptance to whatever, either wrong doings or the right things. Having studied up this issue for a satisfactory period of time, I want to disappointedly posite that I am deeply appalled by the avoidable obscenity exhibited by Citizen Ikenna Samuelson in trying to bite the finger that fed him.


It was that bad that the name: Citizen Ikenna Samuelson is now synonymous to “Ingrate” in the streets of Owerri and indeed Imo state and the spheres of the entire reading communities. Samuelson seems to have a record in the act of blackmailing, character assassination and all forms of campaigns of calumnious slanders. Regrettably and on very most unfortunate circumstances, who Samuelson chooses to blackmail this time was the man that gave him the first opportunity to serve his state, the man Samuelson is unleashing his unsavoury dragons of character assassination to is the man that made him to see the light, like a man basking on the euphorias of ingratitude, the man Samuelson calls his campaign of calumnious slanders to the man that gave him his first political post of all his life and empowered him numerously. What an ingrate? What manner of medieval and retrogressive arrogance should this be? Who is Samuelson fighting? Is he fighting the man that helped him achieve so much in his life or does he wants to fight his boss whom out of his large heart assisted him to achieve his life time dreams? Surely, the name and man in Citizen Ikenna Samuelson is the true definition of an ingrate.


Citizen Ikenna Samuelson is now like the proverbial man who thinks he has eaten to the contentment of his stomach and then challenged his “chi” to a wrestling fight. The best thing that Samuelson owes the man that brought him to a good living standard in my own sense of humility was a “thank you” and not this ungrateful acts of blackmail to his former boss. This is not advocating nor am I condoning fraud or corruption in the office of the speaker but the principles of gratitudes doesn’t demands all the razzmatazz coming from Citizen Ikenna Samuelson to his former boss. And come to think of it, what if the speaker never suspended/sacked him, would there have been these issues of unfortunate whistle-blowing from Samuelson? What if the speaker had agreed to the terms of Samuelson, would Samuelson had still be blowing all these un-verifiable and wanton corruption cases that he is now shouting in high heavens? These means one unmistakable thing, that the wanton allegations of Samuelson against the speaker is unfunded and baseless because naturally, Samuelson is meant to put up these claims in order to attract public sympathy to himself having gooffed.


This name Citizen Ikenna Samuelson which is now in contrast with being “ingrate” has set a very bad, dangerous standard and an infamous precedence for the people who are coming behind him to follow. The spirits exhibited by Samuelson will always be a stinking name in the midst of men with conscience. I hereby wish to advise the general public to learn to be careful with this kind of character and never to take him serious. Having Samuelson bitten more that he can chew, I understands that he is now trying to draw for sympathy from the public in other to strike a bargain for his selfish interests. I think its pertinent to ask Samuelson that should all his condition he has given to office of the speaker be fulfilled, will it stop the corruption scandals he has come up with against the Speaker’s office? or plausibly, the conditions might help check the corruption?, perhaps. Well, Imo state is the state of men and women with high intellectual prowess and we have known the truths. And hence, no body in Imo state will ever take Samuelson seriously again as we have known that this is his practice steps to climb up and at this juncture, he’s rejected for lack of sincerity.


According to the sage, “A boy who tries to wrestle with his father gets blinded by the old man’s loin cloth.” Samuelson must make peace with his former boss now as he has not done anything wrong to deserve all the unsavoury misdemeanour blackmail emanating from Samuelson. I have not seen where helping some one stand up to his foot would amount to a crime or fraud, it is against the land, it is against our culture as Ndi-Igbo and it is against the natural justice because “If a man returns evil for good, evil will never depart from his house” and so, Samuelson must as a matter of urgency amend the broken relationship with his former boss now and make peace with him in order to elude the sober historian’s merciless indictment on the grounds of ingratitude.




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