APC And Violence: Lady Dr. Nma Onyechere As A Case Study – By Ambrose Nwaogwugwu


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APC as an assemblage of disgruntled and self seeking elements who are very much ready to make use of any known or unknown avenue_be it violence or other wise to achieve their self serving aggrandizement was further demonstrated in the recent despicable acts of one Lady Dr. Nma Onyechere,when she slapped a fellow (male) commissioner in her home town. Dr Onyechere is a serving woman commissioner of gov Rochas Okorocha of Imo state (an APC governor). The slapping was not done out of her own willing nor was it inadvertently, rather, it was the making of the APC as a violent political party whose members will also imbibe by its principles and ideologies of using violence to drive down their demands. Many who knew Dr Nma Onyechere said that the woman was not a violent woman nor was she insulting, but has respects and values traditional institutions and cultures where men are well respected but unlike the former her, she was driven into frenzy_(to slapping a male colleague and a commissioner twice on the face) by the APC factor.

Its a thing of public knowledge which is no longer news that Okorocha’s woman commissioner, Lady Dr. Nma Onyechere had over some weeks slapped her male colleague, Hon. Emeka Okoronkwo over his disagreement on who controls the lists of APC facilitators for their council area but what is news is that, the stock-in-trade (instigation and of violence) of the APCs are effectively working out in Imo state and its now obvious that the APCs as a political party are clearly out to destroy the very cultures of Ndi-Igbo because it is not in our culture for women whose ought to be virtues to be challenging their male not even to the extent of slapping a man, how absurd? Ashii gbaa!!! A woman who is ought to be a woman of good virtue slapping a man in Igboland is not only an affront to the traditional and cultural convictions of Ndi-Igbo but its seen as a taboo in Igboland and if it had being in the olden days, she would have been subjected to appeasing the gods of the land for her utmost disrespect and disregard for traditional and cultural settings of the clan. That is to illustrate how serious this issue is, that the APC has no regard for our traditional institutions and the cultural values of the people which is more reason every right thinking person will reject APC and their violence that has no regard for us as a people.

Many political analysts and apolitical critics has at different fora described the APC as a party formed with parochial interests, which destructive tendencies are their main mode of engagement in national and state level politics, how their leaders would threaten hell and brimstone if their wishes were not granted. they argues that instead of the APC to engage in constructive criticisms with alternative policies, the APCs does rather embarks on the politics of destruction and rancour with absolute disdain to the rules of the game. Such of those APC violent tendencies was where and when some APC chieftains in one of its states did engaged their selves on shooting sprees just to get who controls the state machinery of the party which in an ideal political party unlike the APC, would have been resolved with the party’s internal mechanism.

APC has also recently proved to Nigerians that it is a political party of Violence and party for Extremists when a former governor was stoned by APC supporters simply because he rejected APC and hence, he decamped to PDP and because of that patriotic act by the former governor, he got stoned by the APC supporters and thugs. But discerning and the generality of Nigerians had wondered what will be the fate of ordinary Nigerians when they rejects APC if the APC supporters could stone a “former” governor for rejecting APC for PDP, what would then become of the fate of the poor and vulnerable Nigerians when they must have rejected the APC in 2015? By then the prophesy of APC leaders would have come to fulfilment and reality when “the monkeys and the baboons” will be rumbling and socking with the bloods of Nigerians?

For those of you who are yet to see the hand writing boldly written on the wall, or do you still need more proofs when
El Rufai has told us that “Many will die in 2015” if the election did not go in their way? Need you any prophet to reveal to you that
Buhari has warned that “Dogs and the Baboons will be soaked in 2015” if he did not win? If you haven’t heard, then Amaechi has alread told us to “Prepare to die” while Kwankwaso and co-travellers has already told us that “2015 will be bloody” if they are rejected.

It is now left for the generality of Nigerians to act by rejecting these monsters in APC because Adams is very much ready to tell poor Nigerian widows to “Go and die” and I am sure that this is not what Nigerians need at this very critical time of our democracy unless we are ready to truncate it. As 2015 draws nearer, Nigerians must be on their guards to watch over their mandates and protect it because the APCs are already getting more desperate by the day and you know what desperate fellows are up to, desperate people can do anything to have their way and hence, as the APCs are already desperate, Nigerians must stand their ground and reject those who only destroys our politic policies without offering any viable alternative/s.
Above all, NIGERIANS SHOULD BEWARE OF DESPERATE POLITICAL PARTIES like APC AND POLITICIANS who would instigate their supporters to unleash mayharm on opposition parties because they are not what Nigerians want at this trying moments of their nationhood.





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