APGA’s Suit Against Governor Okorocha, Laughable


rochas okoro

The attention of the Imo State Government has been drawn to the media report that the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, has dragged the Executive Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha to court, asking the court to declare his seat vacant for defecting to the All Progressive Congress [APC].

According to the report, the party took the decision because the Supreme Court had dismissed an interlocutory appeal filed by some party members challenging Chief Victor Umeh as the National chairman of APGA. And this is the beginning of our laughter.

By talking about defection, those behind the latest unfortunate outing deliberately decided to underscore what Governor Okorocha did. Governor Okorocha took the main APGA to merge with other political parties that gave birth to APC and did not just defect to the party.

It is also on record that most of the state chairmen of APGA throughout the federation followed Governor Okorocha to the merger, leaving what is known today as APGA-PDP to continue floating, and deceiving the people from reading correctly the political handwriting on the wall.

Those behind the latest distraction have failed or refused to acknowledge the fact that APGA, or what is left as APGA could neither bark nor bite at the moment.

Those who have delivered what is left as APGA to PDP are doing all these to further deceive the people to believe that APGA still exists. APGA was down, operating only in Anambra State before the coming of Owelle Rochas Okorocha into the party. He delivered Imo State to the party. Produced Senators, House of Representative and assembly members for the party.

And as a seasoned politician and a great lover of Igbo land, he felt that Ndi-igbo should go beyond APGA and get connected to the National politics, warranting his taking the soul of APGA to merge with other progressive parties to form APC.

So, the issue of taking Governor Okorocha to court for defecting to APC was neither here nor there. At best, the essence of that court action is to continue creating the impression that APGA is still in existence. But how long can this deceit last?

It is also worrisome that while members of the PDP, the ruling party, are joining the APC in their thousands, some selfish elements in Igboland are still using APGA to trade with the fate of Ndi-Igbo. This is unfortunate.




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