The Governor lied like an APGA Campaign leader

The dead following Uke "Stampede"
The dead following Uke “Stampede”

We have read and heard the broadcast by the Governor of Anambra State Mr Peter Obi which is anything but the broadcast of a governor.

The governor, spoke like an APGA Campaign leader that he is, while jettisoning his role as a governor, and the qualities of a statesman-. He could acknowledge his error and apologise, rather than hide behind one finger.

Was Chris Ngige in Uke? Was Ngige’s campaign uniform anywhere in the adoration grounds? Can the governor successfully gag Ndi Anambra not to confess the well-deserved support they are giving Senator Ngige for the November 16, 2013, over and above his imposed APGA candidate that does not know what immunity of an office entails in the constitution? By lying that the broom was being waved in church,Gov Obi is indicting Rev Fr Obimma, the overseer of the Adoration Ground and against the Holy Spirit. But does he care?

Indeed this broad cast has left the nocturnal movement of the governor which saw him arrive by surprise in the adoration ground at 2.00am as witnessed by neutral Ndi Anambra, unexplained and therefore difficult to believe.

In the first place, it is indemnifying for the governor to be a actor, where he should be an assessor. It is wrong for the governor to be involved in a misdemeanour, tell cheep and open lies on an event that had 10,000 witnesses and a super witness in heaven, and thereafter seek to be the judge in a matter that involves him by purporting to constitute a panel..

It is also instructive that his brother and co-merchant in the Anambra-fleecing business , Chief Victor Umeh I already pre-empting the governor’s half-hearted proposal of a panel by calling for the arrest of Senator Ngige in exchange for Messrs Victor Umeh,Okey Udeh, Mr Willie Obiano,

Joe-Martins Uzodike Martins, Ifeanyi Ibezi etc who were on ground in APGA uniform to personally supervise the fracas that desecrated a worship centre and violated the criminal and electoral laws of the land. It is needless to recall that Gov Obi himself was the Chief planner and executor of the mess that he cannot exonerate himself from.

Again, we note that Obi’s five minutes lasts from 10pm to 3.00am and that when the service ended at 12.midnight, going by our governor’s account, he stayed another three hours till 3am. Our Governor is yet to decided whether to tell the truth which by was observed by 10,000 witnesses and which was known by over two hundred thousand persons by 8 am yesterday.

He has also forgotten in today’s broadcast to say what happened in between the time he said he arrived and the time when he left, at 5.30am, Saturday November 2, 2013.

However yesterday he said on Channels Television: ‘’When I tried to speak some people started calling the name of somebody, and we have to find a way to stop this’.

Hence, in  24 hours, the governor has told three different tales on the same sad event which had claimed 61 lives so far.

This is not out of trend,. Months back, the governor denied ordering that floating bodies of lifeless young men in Ezu River at Amansea be buried before autopsy; even when all testimonies pointed din that direction.

It takes a price for a leader to be trusted and we are happy to associate with a at least one leader who has earned the trust of Ndi Anambra Senator Dr Chris Nwabueze, whose mention drove Obi and his security details to the burning rage that wasted the lives of 61 persons at peace with their God.

Since his departure from the saddle Anambra State had sadly not got another one. We hope that his return to power in the aftermath of the November 16, 2013 gubernatorial polls will usher in another era of trusted leadership.

That is the only way we can avoid having a leader who sees hallucination of waving brooms while closing his one eye in an adoration ground under political assault, rather than the obstructive campaign uniform of APGA, being an anathema in a serene prayer ground.

That is the only way to avoid a governor who will dance from pillar to post trying to conveniently fix his time of departure, without the slightest inkling that evidence abound to contradict his lies in a hurry.

That is the only way why Anambra State can avoid a governor, which being imposed on the people for the third term agenda of a retiring governor, has endorsed all the errors of our predecessor without adjustment.

To quote the Director of Publiity in Senator Chris Ngige Campaign in an earlier statement today, ‘It is too much of a coincidence that people had to die when the governor’s campaign to vote for a stooge called Obiano was roundly rejected and that some of the dead victims and a few survivors betrayed early signs of inhaling tear gas. ‘But for us as responsible organization, we shall leave this grave matter out of speculations, in favour of precise scientific investigation.’ the statement continued adding,

‘We know it for a fact that the governor’s convoy was in the worship centre when the stampede occurred as many worshipers have confirmed and further denials on this count will further exacerbate issues for a government Anambra State citizens so much distrust”

It is a measure of the decency in us not to conclude as yet that the incident was an invasion aimed at reducing the population in Ngiges support base.

We would for the time being simply stick toe our desire to allow the soul of the faithfully departed rest in peace, rather than play ping-pong with APGA lies. We howver rae positive that the spirit of the dead will help unravel the turth in this matter.

We once again advise all present and up-coming leaders to avoid putting put public odium against those who ordinarily may not speak up in their own defence.

For: All Progressive Congress (APC), Anambra State Okelo Madukaife



  1. ..Its rather unfortunate that APC-NGIGE’s touts will go this far. Why do they have to get in placards to the Adoration center. Even NGIGE’s irresponsible behaviour of not respecting priests and churches are common knowledge. His penchant for entering churches while mass is still on-going is a time he is used to. Even with his security details and waving at worshippers distracting them and the officiating priests. NGIGE should be made to learn how to live decently and with decorum

    • Peter Obi and his APGA campaign team cannot get away with the killing of our brothers and sisters who went to a night vigil in the church to pray, i know for sure that in Nigeria. anything is possible when it concern the high and mighty, but this time, some thing serious must be done either physically or spiritually to bring the evil men to book. if peter obi gets away in this physical world, the unseen forces will hunt and destroy him unless he confesses and ask for forgiveness.


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