In Kano, Sycophancy is not an Option! – By Kabiru Tsakuwa

For quite a number of reasons, falsehood mischievously concocted, and deceptively sugarcoated in a flowery language; in order to look like gospel truth to unsuspecting public, with the sole intent to hoodwink and divert attention from the main subject matter must not be allowed to stand.
In a letter to the editor entitled Kwankwasiyya, time is not on your side, dated: 1st September, 2013 by one Mallam Hamza Nagero, which appeared in the Sunday trust newspaper; the same characteristic patterns like all previous attempts designed to defend the indefensible was used. That is, instead of looking at the main substance of the subject matter raised, it ends up impugning on personality in vain attempt to divert attention of the people from the rots in the health sector in Kano state.
If for any thing, the recent botched attempt at character assassination, via deliberate peddling of falsehood aimed at maligning my person goes to show that I have made a point. And I have hit the nail directly on the head. I’m therefore not perturbed in the least, because my consistency, and strong character of conviction over the years; effectively serves to disprove all concoctions and fairytales- by-the moonlights that have been said about me (Idan mafadin Magana Wawa ne, me saurare bazai kasance wawa ba!).
To Hamza Nagero, citizens’ voice must not be heard. Leaders must not by any stretch of the imagination be questioned. Accountability to the people and response to the yearnings and aspirations are taboo that must not be preached in public. So, any attempt aimed at pointing out failures of government with a view to making amends must be replied with untruth in order to both discourage and at the same time terrify citizens into grave yard silence.
Looking at the mistakes and barefaced contradictions inherent in Hamza’s ranting, many lacunas can be discerned: first, my article was miserably past forwarded to 18th September, 2013, a date that is yet to arrive.
 Second, Nagero erroneously stated that ‘I’m a paid agent of the previous administration’. But the pertinent question is: who sponsors me to attack Shekarau  in those days?  It certainly must be the kwankwasiyya that happens to be in opposition yesterday? But how comes despite sumptuous payments by kwankwasiyya in those days as alleged by Hamza, my conscience still remain crystal clear and even have strong conviction to write against my alleged previous benefactors?
I will advise Hamza to look for a decent job, because Jagaliya is too demeaning to humanity. For the record, Tsakuwa, a certified Engineer, is blessed with a well-paid job in one of the blue-chip organizations in Nigeria. So, a technocrat with vast experience could not stoop so low as to be in a self-disrespecting business; waiting for miserable specks and scraps for survival!
Third, Mallam Hamza claimed that ‘the pathetic state of Kano state hospitals is not backed by incontrovertible evidence’. But what evidence could one muster more than the unfortunate death of my esteem Mum- Hajiya Amina Mohammed Inuwa Tsakuwa, who died on the 1st of August, 2013(23/09/1434AH) at Murtala muhammed Hospitals; owing to the Negligence, tribulations and I don’t care attitude of the few remaining staffs of the so-called premier hospital?
Imagine, working tool as simple as oxygen Mask is not available in a so-called specialist Hospital? It took about three hours before one was procured, and even that could not serve any purpose, because it’s simply not working. My Mother died before they could fix it. So, to say that people are dying needlessly does not in the least do justice to the enormity of the problem besetting the Kano state health care delivery sector and the calamity that befalls me personally; owing to monumental failure of kwankwasiyya gov’t to provide basic social services to the people!!!
And if truth must be told, something must be done to arrest the drift in the healthcare delivery system in Kano state otherwise; a catastrophe of tsunami proportion might be hovering in the back door. There is inadequate manpower, no drugs and other Basic hospital consumables. Most medical workers have all left for greener postures. And only outdated and antiquated medical equipments dot the space. Yet, Nagero, a political jobber and propagandist of the Goebbellian variety, want play with the intelligence of the people by concocting white lie for the sake of bits and pieces of Crisp Naira Notes!
By serving as a whistle blower and portraying Tsakuwa as ‘paid agent of negative spin’, Nagero betray his innermost fear and that of his kwankwasiyya mentors about full disclosure of the rots in the system. They shamefacedly DON’T WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW THE TRUTH; hence his attempt to pre-empt any future effort to let helpless and hapless people know how their lives are being negatively affected and ask discerning question about kwankwasiyya’s catastrophic failures.
But Alhamdu-lillahi, in a true democratic setup, freedom of speech is a constitutional matter. It is not a privilege, but a right of individuals and all media houses know this DICTUM very well and abide by it fully to be so negatively influence by an upstart political jobber. So, resorting to hogwash and hokum; character assassination and wild-goose-chase; cannot discourage Tsakuwa and other conscientious fellows who have the courage of their conviction to exercise their God given right!


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