El-Rufai Is A Deficit To APC – Youth Wing Of CAN

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Press Release –

Our attention has been drawn to the content of the interview of mal Nasiru El-rufai in the 14th September sun-newspaper in which he cast aspersion on the person of the C.A.N president, Pst.dr. Ayo oritsejafor, by calling him an ethnic irredentist and chief propagandist of the PDP. the stock in trade of the likes of Mal.Nasiru El-rufai to draw attention to himself when he is quickly being forgotten is not new to us: and such his remark at best should fall flat and remain only news to the ears of those who are new to his antics of seeking to put behind the tale of his uncredible service in our country. For Mal Nasiru el-rufai to call the president of C.A.N as political propagandist at a time that the same president just secured the mandate of the church in Nigeria to lead it for the second 3 year term is indeed laughable and draws attention to the fact that he has taken leave of his senses and a patient for psychoanalysis, we beg to ask on what pedestal of credibility will the likes of el-rufai a man who allocated lands in the choicest spots of Abuja to his infant kids while demolishing houses of legitimate allotters will stand on to criticize the C.A.N president ,it is in fact regrettable that a party like APC who claim  to be a credible platform parade the likes of El-Rufai a returning vagabond who went on self-exile to run away from the hands of the law during the days of Yar’adua.


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As interim deputy national sectary of the APC, we would ask the APC to address the credibility deficit he brings to the party early enough if the party is to be taken, just like when this insane canary was singing all hail Obasanjo and Atiku, now he is singing  all hail Buhari the very person he said he is not fit to govern a local government, he will no doubt sing crucify the APC when the chips are down, the place therefore for the likes of El-rufai is a psychiatric ward where multiple personality disorder can periodically be reviewed and addressed. Most certainly public space is not a place for his ranting dog who has been tasted and failed.

Dormantly we as a fellowship of 13 denomination cutting across the whole northern Nigeria know that El-rufai is a political pay flute and would want to advise him to address his moral bankruptal before dropping names of revered people of the C.A.N president into public discourse which he generates to get attention .the C.A.N president we are sure he knows this very well to have ignored El-rufai who we know would want Christian groups and individuals to soil the name of the sultan so he can have a field day thinking he has created a media war, we will not gratify his passion, but we warn him to watch-out  or else his return to exile where he rightly belongs might just be sooner than he can imagine.

Cat. Dr. Samuel Emmanuel Nanle

TEKAN national youth President

National Advisory Committee of youth Wing C.A.N


TEKAN is a hausa acronym for the fellowship of Churches of Christ in Nigeria, A fellowship of 13 Denominations across Nigeria


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