All Progressive Congress  is amused by the false ad baseless report
that CPC and ANPP, two out of five parties in the merger have pulled

In fact neither CPC, ANPP nor even ACN exists as a party.

What is true is that a former  chairman of defunct CPC in the state
who has on his own volunteered to be an assistant campaign manger for
an obscure  candidate in a  third rate political party,  and a
dismissed secretary in another party  have made their own personal
decisions to join candidates in the election period. This does not
have anything to do with the legacy parties as the APC merger is
consummated nation-wide.

It is needless to restate that the Interim National Executive
Committee of APC has just set up a harmonisation committee, which
assignment will lead to an executive committee to run Anambra State.

Therefore, to say that one party is taking all positions, when only
one-governorship candidate-has been decided is to overreach the truth
with a cross-propaganda from the new party to which the two subjects
in the reference report owe allegiance.

But in deeper reality which detail would remain in the coffers for
now, the music for these two lizards o the road is being provided an
official at the highest level of Anambra State government and APGA-PDP
who  are intent on having the public believe that APC harbours the
headaches in their troubled party which promises equity to fail.

This official was responsible for instigating a frivolous law suit
against the APC, which has failed. They are about now crafting another
one in concert worth some political businessmen in Anambra South
Senatorial District, which again will fail, as APC prepares to give
Anambra an inspiring leadership from March 17, 2014.

We do not have any good news for them because APC has come to stay. We
can only remind him and his collaborators that APC surmounted 13
man-made obstacles on its way to becoming a strong merger, with
phenomenal support in the South East Nigeria.

The coming of APC, the maturity with which they conducted their
affairs- with dialogue and consultation- and finally the cleanest and
most democratic primaries have made crab mentality a dying practice in
Anambra State.

Driving the wheel backwards is therefore not an option.

All should discountenance the bare-faced lie that a membership
embodying hundreds of thousands of Ndi Anambra can be  unbundled by
two individuals interested in ‘managing’ emergent campaign funds for
gubernatorial aspirants preparing for 2018 elections.

Okelo Madukaife
For: All Progressive Congress, APC (ACN+ANPP+CPC+DPP+APGA)
Anambra State