Press Release: Ngige Stoned? Malaria Is At Work!



The report of an imaginary group of Anambra Youth stoning Ngige is a projected malaria dream of an enemy of Anambra State a, and should be ignored in its entirety.
Ngige had a successful visit to Awka and was well received by the people of Awka federal Constituency who asked a lot of enthusiastic questions to enable them fully understand aspects of the constituency report that was distributed to them.
We urge those candidates for which these imaginary reports are being weaved to get ready to educate Ndi Anambra on their plan when elected, because the Anambra State of today is not longer the same state they knew in 1999.
The people are a lot more politically aware and educated and are raising cognate questions for those who want power from them.
Not only did the constituents in Awka, show so much happiness and enthusiasm in receiving Senator Ngige, they accompanied him to visit and Awka hotelier who graced the occasion and refused to leave until Ngige left at 8.30pm.
We urge those who would rather dwell of faboo, rather than their own programmes to show photographs of the action they claimed took place in Awka, because in this day and age, and in the presence of the press that occurred.

Charles Amilo
Senator Chris Ngige Central Constituency Office, Awka.




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