Conduct Council Polls Now: Open Letter To His Excellency (Dr) Mal. Isa Yuguda – By John Akevi

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Your Excellency,
I hope this open letter reaches you in the best position of health and
well being,and I do hope you will find time to go through the content
of this letter. I feel duty bound as an ordinary citizen of the state
to draw your attention to an issue that is bordering the good people
of Bauchi State.
I am aware that you have many advisors,who have the responsibility to
guide you in taking decisions,because as the leader of the State you
will have to rely on the experties of these advisors before you take a
final position on issues. But I am also aware that a lot of your
appointees are interested in advancing their personal interest rather
than guiding the Governor in the right direction.
Your Excellency,since the creation of Bauchi State in 1976,Local
Government administration has been governed by duly elected Local
Government Chairmen except during the military era. However,since
2007,when you came on board as the Executive Governor of The State,
there has been no autonomy for the Local Governments in the State. It
could be recalled that council polls were last held in 2008,since then
the State government have instituted caretakers committee to man the
affairs at the grass roots level. Instead of holding elections,your
government has been dissolving an appointing sole administrators for
all the local councils.
Despite the very serious objections raised by the House of
Representatives on the development in Bauchi and other States.

Your Excellency,I wish to draw your attention to the following
constitutional provisions: Section 7,of the 1999 constitution gave
“the Government of every State” responsibility to ensure the existence
of democratically elected Local Government Councils under a Law
enacted by the State House of Assembly providing for the
establishment,structure,composition,finance and functions of such
The mission of Local Government Council is to deliver services to the
grass root,which brings about better quality of life,stronger economic
performance,improved health care,religious tolerance,ethnic harmony
and education system as well as less crime in the local areas. Local
Government Council is meant to facilitate equitable delivery of basic
service to the local areas and it must ensure representation of all
groups in the community in the delivery of these basic services.
The apparent reluctance by your administration not to conduct council
polls and why you government has been operating the Local Government
Areas from caretaker committee Chairmen and lately Sole Administrator
is because you believe they do not have the mandate of the people to
operate. Hence they can not complain when their Local Government Area
allocations are tempered with by your government.
Finally,your Excellency,there is organic disconnection between your
administration and the people at the grass root. And once the people
of the grass root don’t matter; once the people at the grass root
don’t participate in the governance of their area such a society with
the government of the day is doomed
Sir, this matter needs to be address now!


Yours very truly,

John Akevi
July 15th,2013.




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