2 Cousins Die Committing Incest In Imo

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Mr Mathias Nwoko and his female Cousin, Angela Ihuoma Anyanwu
Mr Mathias Nwoko and his female Cousin, Angela Ihuoma Anyanwu

Hell was let loose at Umualianya kindred Umumpe, Umuevu Okirika-Nweke in Ahiazu Mbaise LGA of Imo State last Monday when a man, Mr Mathias Nwoko and his female Cousin, Angela Ihuoma Anyanwu, met their untimely death while making love to each other.

Sources in the community told 247ureports.com that the late Mathias, 45, had returned home from his Onitsha base to attend the priestly ordination of his kinsman, Rev. Fr. Anayochukwu Onuoha, held at Mater Dei Cathedral, Umuahia, Abia State last Saturday June 20 2013.

It was learnt that all through the ordination ceremony, Mathias and the late Angela were literally tied to each other, with the latter taking the front seat of the former’s jeep.

Their entanglement was said to have continued the next day, Sunday, during the ceremony marking the first Holy and Thanksgiving Mass at Holy Ghost Parish, Umuevu Okirika-Nweke.

The deceased were also seen together at the ordination reception and later at the compound of the new priest where they were dancing to the music coming from Mathias’ car’s loudspeakers, while he occasionally was shooting gunshots from his pump action gun as Angela fed him with cartridges.

Interestingly, the deceased cousins were among family members who received prayers from the new priest, who earlier enjoined the people of the community to shun hypocrisy, atrocities and other iniquities if they must avoid God’s anger.

The late Mathias who was said to have been married for 13 years without any child, however, returned home with a young girl as his fiancée who he left in the house.

It was gathered that while the fiancée was home watching videos and waiting for Mathias, he only returned around 11pm and told her to go to sleep while he collected torchlight to see Angela off to her house.

But that was not to be as the duo diverted to Mathias’ semi-completed building.

Worried by her daughter’s non arrival to the house, Angela’s mother called her phone line but Mathias was said to have answered the phone telling the woman that her daughter was with him.

Also, alarmed by Mathias’ absence in the house up till Monday morning, his fiancée began to look for him within the house and was shocked to have stumbled on the naked but entangled bodies locked in death.

She immediately alerted Mathias’ family members who could not believe their eyes. Also, Angela’s mother who was returning from Morning mass was simply speechless at the sight of the deceased.

The lady who was on top of the man had her blouse on but naked from the waist region while the man had his singlet on his neck. The two were dead.

Their bodies were removed and deposited at Holy Rosary Hospital, Ogbor Nguru in Aboh Mbaise LGA.

When contacted, the state police public relations officer (PPRO), Mrs Joy Elemoko, promised to call back to inform our reporter about the outcome of police investigation.


  1. This story seems to me that somebody murdered them and staged it the way their bodies were found. The story did not match at all. Incest never existed in Igboland and does not operate in Igboland at all.

  2. What is the reader supposed to believe to have happened? This story is dripping with ignorance. What’s the point of this story?

    The ignorance and ineptitude of the police will make them believe this folk tale. Was the police even contacted on this possible crime?


  3. What kind of response can this episode generate? One straight one is this. Mathias and Angela are dead. But why did both of them die in an uncompleted building belonging to Mathias? Usually sex action like this might have one partner die and live the other alive. The family deity or ancestor or flying spirits in the neighbourhood met them there and got them off of life. It is a tragedy and will require some cleansing rites of passage.

  4. this story is fond of some of the igbos! i wonder what abomination they amount to as this can dicourage alliens from marrying their sons/daughters!

  5. well,of a truth,even if tales existed or spirits in that land,it does’nt kill instantly like that leaving the both of them dead. Someone murdered them late that night. It should be investigated properly.

  6. This is probably carbon monoxide poisoning and nothing more. Find out the source of light they used first, before talking about murder.

    • I ruled out CO poisoning because this uncompleted building likely had enough ventilation; besides, they were allegedly trying to be discreet.

      I suspect that someone who was jealous murdered these people and staged a sexual scene that probably didn’t exist.

  7. An autopsy will solve the whole mystery but if I am asked to second guess I would say they were victims of a venomous snake bite in an uncompleted building

  8. Incest is abomination in most parts of Igbo land. I say most parts because I know some parts of Ebonyi state that don’t think twice about committing it. However, apart from committing such earth defiling act, the wages of sin is death. And, who knows their death could be as a result of MBAISE community’s disobedience to the God. I do not suspect any foul play.

  9. I’m actually not an igbo, but I don’t believe in the argument that the deceased were killed by some spirits for committing incest. It strikes me more like murder. The police should work on the theory that someone who had been suspicions all along became so enraged with diabolical fury and murdered them, arranged their bodies in that way and tried to make it look like it was death by some funny spirits. Let’s even agree the deceased committed incest, the argument that that they were killed by the gods can only hold if there was a documented, verifiable precedent in the community.

  10. Most fingers are pointing to Murder and unlike me, I’ll “bandwagonly” follow the Crowd on this………only that I’ll tell U the Culprit.
    He name in “Ala Ogbaga”. Investigate him.

  11. Unfinished building in the village? An autopsy may help unravel the cause of death. If there is no evidence of trauma, then a deadly encounter with deadly snakes is a possibility.

  12. I suspect a murder case rather than ascribing this incident to the gods being responsible for their death. If i may ask, how could his fiancee sleep alone all night without making effort to find out why Mr. Mathias has not returned, at least by repeated phone calls?

  13. this story is already bias, and the writer is already saying that the two sat close and danced together in church. The simple logic is that the man and woman have been murdered and this scene is stagemanaged.
    Proper investigation is required!

  14. There is no doubt that the cousins met the sword of Domiciles of their flagrant abuse of their people’s beliefs and mores. They knew better not invite the wrath of their village deity. This could have easily have happened in my village of Amaiyi, Nvosi. This was the kind of situation abuse of the people’s beliefs and mores
    that the Late Professor Chinua Achebe lamented about in his “Things Fall Apart” and “No Longer At Ease”. The emergence of western Civilization should not become an undoing of the people’s fabrics and the essence of their being.

    Let this serve as a great reminder that our cultures and belief system still should reign supreme and should never be neglected or abused.

  15. Who say incest is not rampant these days. Haven’t we read how fathers fathered children by their daughters? Why were they not roasted by the gods or some watchful spirit?
    They could not have gone to the uncompleted building for sex. Someone/persons have been monitoring them all along, and found the time convenient to commit this crime. Please, stop this story of ‘some sprits struck them’

    • These village gods act & kill people only @ nights, when consented men & women pleasure each other..right? & maybe these same gods go to sleep during the day when armed robbers & vile people harass & spill fellow men’s blood..right? The police should seek out for bruises & other homicide indicators @ vital areas on victims’ bodies…& rule out all these fetish god’s stories. They were not bitten by any snakes….they were killed.

  16. It perturbed that some commentors are emphasizing this from deity concern, ‘yes’ the possibility is unity, and let’s lay aside the issue of been murdered by physical agents which may be out of points in this case, now.

    We must be fact and factual, from the writer’s view, that the both deceased were among the family and community members that received prophecies from the newly ordained priest that carries ‘fresh FIRE and POWER’ that can do and undo, of which the priest had already fore-warned whoever commits atrocity in the land will be visited with the anger of supreme God. But because they ignored the warning by their stoned heart, when the flesh over ruled the spirit hoping the word of God is useless. Though, the wages of sin is death

    it may not surprise you that they might have been indulging in that an evil act before the judgement day

    I rest my case

  17. Personally I suspect that someone poisened their food, since they sat together & may ate together as well in d occasion, and they later feel to sleep together, so even if they did nt stay together that night they must die due to the type of dangerous poison they ate earlier in d day.

  18. This must be a case of Murder. Very likely, they might have been ambushed, murdered, and brought back late in the night, dressed them up that way to conceal the incidence.

    Why would a Deity kill his own linage, if at all Deity exists anywhere?

  19. Well,i pray dat their souls rest in peace.As 4 wot caused their death,i think only God knows. The whole story is actually confusing.

  20. this is plan they were murderd if at all dead we come it will be one person not the two and what can kill like this is called mangun in yoruba language but it will killed the man alone so they killed them.police should look into it well who is fouling who trust nigeria police the truth will come out

  21. chief cyril or whatever you call yourself please keep quiet if you have nothing reasonable to say. police should do their job.


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