ASUU Strike: FG Fails To Reach Agreement



Our meeting today is blessed with injection of new hands, new faces and new minds. It is expected that our meeting today will be fruitful because we would have more hands helping us to resolve what is outstanding. You might also recall that the implementation committee of Needs Assessment Report to Nigerian Universities was just inaugurated. The Chairman of that Committee is Governor Gabriel Suswam. After the inauguration of that committee, we appealed to him to join us in this meeting that is following soon after. On this note, I am convinced that their desire to see this matter resolved is simply because of their commitment to national progress.” – stated the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Senator Anyim Pius Anyim in his opening remark at a meeting held today between the striking workers and the committee appointed by the federal government.

The lingering deadlock between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Academic Staff Union of Universities [ASUU] appeared to have found a short-lived glimmer of hope that the conscription of the governor of Benue State, Gabriel Suswam as chairman of the implementation of Needs Assessment Report to Nigerian Universities would untangle the knot between the Federal government and ASUU. This is as gathered that a meeting held with the Benue State governor and members of ASUU ended in a deadlock.

As learnt, the ASUU members appeared to have reached an agreement on many of the issues on the negotiation table except on two issues – which were – earned allowance and general university funding for infrastructural development.

To this effect, Senator Anyim expressed optimism that the Federal Government will ensure that the issues are resolved for the lecturers to return to classroom by next week. Another meeting has been scheduled for Monday.



  1. its a pitty that with our human resources,our numerous natural resources,we still find it difficult 2 allocate at least 35 percent of our budget into education,making the students halfbaked and ending up signing memorandum of undastanding with china when we have the brain here wasting and those microscopic flue piloting the affairs of this nation live in peasanted luxery. Am of the opinion that they, F.G just make things right now by listening to asuu before the economy of this nation falls totally to the pit because it is dependent on the capability of students produced.

  2. Nigeria!!! Good People, Great Nation. If Nigeia want 2b great as dey claim, den dey rilly need 2 improve the educational standard n stop wasting billions on Naira on tins dat doesn’t rilly count.

  3. Each day we watch network news hoping that the
    federal government will talk with the leturers nd d
    ASUU strike will come to an end but hope sims to
    be lost,as we all know when two elephants fight d
    grass is subjeted to sufering,we therefore plead
    with the federal government to please look into d
    case nd find a lasting solution to this menace,and
    the leturers should as well understand that the
    people in question I.e the “ogas at the top” have
    all there children studyiny outside the country
    and the should as well know that weither or not
    the continue the ongoing strike it have no good
    impart on the student at large thus the saying an
    “idle mind is the devils workshop”.{Igwe ben]

  4. FG should try to solve this problem at once and get over with it. I don’t really see why education should still be a pending problem for this long in this country at this 21st century. This striking issue is not helping mostly the lower Nigerians who can not afford to school out side the country. Some student indulge into crime to keep themselves going. It all brings about set backs on our acdemics, a four years programme turns out to be 6, 7, or even 8years programme all because the FG and ASUU are at louger heads with each other. The money is there, give ASUU what they need. Lecturals are the life wire of this nation and they need to be treated right. Not wasting money on issues that do not benefit the poor masses. Put an end to this mance. Is for the good of the nation. Education is power.


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