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Who is afraid of Chris Ngige? – By Arinze Igboeli



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Sen Chris Ngige in Awka, Anambra
Sen Chris Ngige in Awka, Anambra

Recently, I had the biggest misfortune of reading the worst kind of an article laced with all sorts of vices that a writer ought to seriously avoid, an article laced with hatred, lies, and empty in its entirety, such a piece came out from the hands of one Okechukwu Aziatika an otimkpu(praise singer) of Governor Peter Obi, who with every turn of events praises the governor for naturally doing nothing spectacular.

It is either Aziatika is celebrating the poor performance of Anambra State at the National Sports Festival where we earned no medals in any sporting event, after being caught pants down with fraud, as the government used a mercenary from Cameroun.Yet rather than apologise to Ndi Anambra on the very sad development and assuring that it would never happen again, the government resorted to propaganda to give the impression that all went well.

When Aziatika is not doing that, he is applauding another mediocre feat of the governor in the case of road infrastructure which in this tenure has been so poor that the ordinary Onye Anambra calls works ‘aka construction’( construction of the hand) One year! One block! Owing to the slowness of such works. This is not in doubt as a visit to most of Peter Obi’s roads are either of poor quality, unaesthetic structures and afater construction the roads have an average lifespan of six months to one year., I think I am being overgenerous but let it be. Thus, this is the nature of the person who wrote this piece ‘Ngige’s warped sense of history’.

Aziatika starts his nonsense by elaborating on the nature of Anambra’s politics, then he surprisingly delves into attacking Ngige, which is quite surprising to me since Ngige is yet to consider running for such an office and is so busy effectively representing the people of Anambra Central in the Senate.

He accuses Ngige of mastery in wulu wulu and rambles on about Ngige’s arrogance, swagger in success and a bluff in travails, before he commits the error of attributing Ngige’s electoral success at the 2003 polls to Maurice Iwu, who was neither the INEC Chairman nor the Resident Electoral Commissioner for Anambra State then, this is something a little child in primary six will know but our dear Aziatika, desperately searching for Obi’s patronage does not know that Dr. Abel Guobadia was the INEC Chairman then not Iwu. So should we not be right in saying titling the article : ‘Aziatika’s warped sense of history?’

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However let me correct Aziatika’s notion that Ngige’s victory in 2003 was solely an act of God, I say this because it was through such victory that Anambra began a new journey unto the promised land.

From one folly to another, Aziatika trudges on, not minding the booby traps that he sets ahead of himself, again he accuses Ngige of rabble rousing his way into the consciousness of our people by building roads only in Idemili area. However let me ask if this is not mendacious in all facets as roads such as Isuochi- Owerri Ezukala-Ogbunka Umunze, Umunze to Igboukwu, dualisation of Zik Avenue, Modebe Avenue in Onitsha, Amawbia – Agulu, Abba – Abagana, Nnewi to Neni and other notable township roads which make up the 77 roads built by the Ngige administration in so short a time and with the little funds gotten by the Ngige administration were not in Idemili areas. Roads built in tandem with global standards all over the world, roads with a lifespan of an average of 25 years!

Aziatika buries himself when he accuses Ngige of seeking to contest certain elections in the land may I ask what’s the crime in that, anyone is free to contest elections so as long as the person is a bonafide citizen of the state, has no criminal records against him as is sponsored by a political party. if Ngige meets these requirements what then is Aziatika’s grouse?

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He then mentions Ngige losing to Obi’s superior political status in 2010! What political status? I ask, a status won on a faulty electoral register, rigged votes and exchange of billions of Naira and finally re-writing results in a hotel room in Awka! A status won through the instrumentality of Maurice Iwu which explains where the confusion came from for the writer. He forgot the real beneficiary of Iwu legacy was his master. This same ‘status’ could not deliver a single senatorial seat in Anambra State when Iwu was removed and a little improvement was recorded in INEC operations. Let’s not dwell on the crossing shellacking the duo of Peter Obi and, Professor Dora Akunyili,-who tried to rig ,as if Iwu was still in charge -received at the hands of Ngige.

In exhibiting his biased desperation, Aziatika, obviously writing from the government house like his own personal house writes, and I quote:
“While effusively sitting in the Senate, Ngige is covetously eyeing occupation of the Government House, Awka. For this mission, he spares nothing to any who appears indisposed to his power drive. He castigates, calumniates, maligns, claws, kicks and would gladly bite whosoever that may be.” Maligns, claws and kicks and biting all sounds like Senator Ngige is some wolverine, kick-boxer and a Luiz Suarez all rolled up in one person or what has maligning, clawing, kicking and biting got to do in this write up?

I have read Aziatika’s diatribes and to the best of my knowledge I have successfully deconstructed all that he negatively chose to say about Ngige as lies with a low shelf life, I urge all who ever come across his piece to ignore it but if you must read it, please do so with some sympathy for him, since he has chosen to much delude himself.

• Igboeli writes from Awka

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