“I Don’t Know Nigeria’s Unemployment Rate” – Labor Minister, Emeka Wogu


The second session of the 2013 ministerial platform saw the presentation of the minister of Labor and productivity for the achievements and progress of the labor and productivity ministry.

Honorable Minister of Labor and Productivity, Chief Emeka Wogu presenting the ministry's scorecard
Honorable Minister of Labor and Productivity, Chief Emeka Wogu presenting the ministry’s scorecard

The minister began his presentation by noting that his ministry was one of the oldest ministries in the country. He made a 50minutes presentation of the successes scored by the ministry in the two years of Jonathan’s administration.  He taunted the increase in federal workers’ salaries by up to 56% as one of the major achievement scored by the ministry.

“Number of strikes have reduced in the last two years” stated the Labor and productivity minister – who also indicated that in the area of dispute resolution that even the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Dr. Jonathan has done a great deal in ensuring disputes are resolved. In his words “Mr. President was personally involved in the resolution process”.

However in the area of unemployment and productivity, the Minister appeared unsure. He indicated that he was not aware of the rate of unemployment in Nigeria – or the rate of employment or productivity in Nigeria. He referred to a figure generated during the Obasanjo administration – 23% unemployment. He indicated that he believes that number will go down once the unemployment rate is calculated.

He revealed also that the efforts of the Labor ministry had created over 198,000 jobs – through direct and indirect measures by the ministry.



  1. The only qualification Mr Wogu needed to become a minister of labor is a bsc in pdp and an msc in ass kissing. No background in statistics is required.

  2. What else is new!
    The Petroleum Minister does not know how many barrels of crude per day Nigeria produces; the health Minister does not know how many hospitals in the country; the IGP does not know how many police officers under his command, and the president does not know how many ministers in his cabinet.

    PDP rules!!

  3. what a shame? minister of labour and productivity does not know the percentage of nigerians out of job. this is enough to force him to resign. breast and ass leakers.


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