Abia State set to Commision the first Dialysis Centre in the South East Nigeria


The dialysis centre at the specialist and diagnostic centre Umuahia is set for commissioning in the next two weeks.
Governor Theodore Orji made this revelation in his office while answering questions from newsmen.
He said that all the facilities needed for the take-off of the centre are ready, adding that government is waiting for the technical partners from India who will man the machines.
The governor revealed that in the next few months indigenous health professionals will be trained, pointing out that with many people suffering from renal problems will have a reprieve  when the centre starts functioning.
According to him, 6 dialysis machines have already been installed to ensure that every patient at the centre gets attention and described the project as one that will benefit Nigerians.
Chief TA Orji who disclosed that the Abia state government provided N 180 m as its contribution to the Private –public partnership with Mecure of India  said government is now negotiating the fees to be paid to the expatriates  that would handle the machines.
He further stated that government took into consideration local content, revealing that the doctors in-charge and nurses at the centre are Nigerians.



  1. Why do our journalists swallow what ever our politicians tell them without asking or investigating their stories? Is it because of money or favours. Look let me clearly correct this. There is already a dialysis center in Abs as far as I known this centre was there since 2006, so how can u come an say Abia state to commission the first dialysis center when there is already a privately owned one.
    Look, Nigerians are no more as dumb as you people will like us to be.

  2. Dialysis has been existence at IMO teaching hospital, Orlu and UNTH Enugu for the pastten years. it that Abia State is seriously lacking behind other states in South East.


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