Ex-militants threaten to storm National Assembly over Kuku, Asari Dokubo summon


Ex-militants from the Niger Delta region have threatened to storm the floor of the Federal House of Representatives over the summon on the Chairman of the Amnesty Implementation Committee, Hon.Kingsley Kuku and the Leader of the Niger Delta People Volunteer Force,Alhaji Asari Dokubo over alleged inflammatory statement on the 2015 Presidential polls.

The leaders of the ex-militants like Eris Paul known as General Ogunboss and General Pastor Reuben declared their intention to mobilize over 600 ex-militants to the National Assembly to come and register their protest over the matter.

In their separate statements issued yesterday in Yenagoa by the Coalition of Ex-Militants under the aegis of the Leadership, Peace and Cultural Development Initiative (LPCDI) and the Former Member of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), Comrade Eris Paul known as Commander Ogunboss noted that the decision of the ex-militants was based on the perceived ethnic connotation to the matter.

While the LPCDI through the statement signed by its President, General Pastor Reuben Wilson described the Federal House of Representatives summon as “divisive”, Commander Ogunboss described the summon as a show of undemocratic tendencies on the part of a serving governor who thinks he is protecting the unity of an already disorganized society by some Northern cabals.

The statement which reads in parts, “the posture of the House of Representative is a show of bias and double standard in the monitoring of alleged volatile posture of the political class ahead of the 2015 poll. We observed that irrespective of the decision made by the Federal Representatives,they should be aware that they failed to arrest the likes of Mohammud Buhari over his Comment in the Vanguard May 15,2012 and the National Coordinator of the Coalition of Northern Politicians, Academics, Professionals and Businessmen, Dr. Junaidu Mohammed in the Nation Newspaper of March 17,2013, and Abu King Shuluwa in the Daily Independent of March 8,2013.”

Ogunboss accused the Niger State Governor,Aliyu Babangida, of bias and wickedness,” describing his statement as a show of senselessness on the part of a serving governor who thinks he is protecting the unity of an already disorganized society by some Northern cabals.”

” If Aliyu thinks he was sincere enough to protect the nation from an impending doom, let him call on the security agencies to begin their investigations with Muhammed Buhari who in recent times has been crying foul over threats of bloodshed & revolt on the nations unity, as witnessed in Egypt & Tunisia.We all know in this country that just minutes after Buhari’s presidential loss to Jonathern’s victory in 2011, riots broked-out where houses of the president’s loyalists where burnt in parts of the North, properties destroyed and lives lost”, he recalled.

The ex-militant’s leader observed that it was that disorder in the North then that culminated to the present bombings of Boko Haram experienced till date, pointing out that if Asari’s statement is capable of creating disunity & disaffection on the nation’s unity, as governor Aliyu & his counterparts in the House of Reps have stated, then the utterances from Buhari would be capable of dividing the country.



  1. who is fooling who till now no promient northern has taken a swipe against BH.why?.so they react.just mere statement.

  2. If a dog is taged ‘wicked’ for barking what should be taged for a ‘Tigress’ who eats sheep and goats,when Buhari was threatening hell and fire uptil now,he wasn’t cautioned, even after d post-election violence he moves freely and planing to contest under APC ,he has 4goten that he is seting a pace of trouble and others will follow,b4 inviting Asari Dokubo,Buhari should explain to d whole world what he meant by ‘both dog and baboon will be bath in blood by 2015,Buhari may be d man that will bring to an end d entity call Nigeria,since he has vow to either rule or spill out the bean,let’s watch out for Buharimaniarism.


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