Press Statement: Rachid Nekkaz offers 500 000$ to free French family of 7, held in Nigeria


Call from Kano (Nigéria)


Since the Nigerian-Biafra war (also known as the Nigeria Civil War, 1967-1970), Nigeria, the largest country in Africa, is experiencing serious difficulties.  The country’s political integrity, economical development and social equilibrium are constantly weakened by massive corruption and the strong appetites of western  companies.


The greatest casualty are the Nigerian people — especially the people of the North, who do not benefit from the country’s natural resources, mostly concentrated in the Southern half of the country.


This situation is unendurable and unsustainable;  it cannot continue.


In order to provide to its next generation of children, whether Christian or Muslim, with the prospects of a brighter future, Nigeria must change.  Nigeria must strive to provide its children with a future of safety, faith in their future, and National Pride, for being citizens of the largest country in Africa.


In order to attain this critical objective, efforts must be made universally.


As an African myself, a muslim and a citizen of the world, I call out to Kano; –that the Nigerian government develop and apply a stepped up policy which focuses on civil reconciliation.  This policy should begin with the freeing of all political prisoners.


Algeria, my country of origin, endured 10 very dark years of civil war between 1993 and 2003.  Two hundred thousand women, children and young men were killed, for nothing.


I do not wish for Nigeria to fall into the same, perhaps darker, place.


Despite the violence, the pain, and the hatred between the Algerian government, the population and the armed opposition groups, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika undertook the difficult task of pursuing a policy of civil reconciliation. This policy allowed citizens and groups to reconcile with each other — and themselves.


I believe that the time has come for Nigeria and for President Goodluck to follow the example of its neighbor, Algeria.  I ask that the President of Nigeria do so in the best and urgent interest of the Nigerian people.


I also ask that in exchange for amnesty for political prisoners, the armed groups immediately cease all violence . That all forms of dialogue be opened, in order to find solutions to the conflicts that make them clash with the Nigerian Government.


I ask that the armed opposition groups immediately free the French family detained as hostages since February 19th.


As for myself, I am traveling to Kano, to communicate directly with the Nigerian people, who are in pain.


In the event that all the above requests be met, I pledge to, with the support of the President of “Hands off My Constitution” Jean Bruno Roumegoux, invest 500 000$ towards the Kano school system to ensure its development in the state of Borno.  This would be a true donation, in exchange for a concrete, proactive project which clearly aims towards civil reconciliation in the country of Nigeria.

It’s not a ransom. It’s a gift.


I also commit to facilitating mediation between the Nigerian government and the Boko Haram and Ansaru organizations. For this I am soliciting the support of  representatives of the Islamic Conference Organization which represents 56 Muslim countries.  The objective is to facilitate investments from Muslim countries to the Northern states of Nigeria, helping to bring equitable economic and social development to the areas that are experiencing severe difficulties.


My father, who passed away 2 years ago, never went to school; he was illiterate.  However he transmitted to me the strong values of honesty, dignity, respect and commitment.  These values constitute the reason why I have been defending the freedom for women, in France and the rest of Europe, who wish to be free to dress with the full veil in the street.  Despite numerous obstacles and a few death threats, I created and maintained a foundation of one million euros in order to guarantee the personal freedom and dignity of these women. I committed to doing so, and I did it.  This is the spirit with which I make my call to Kano.

Contacts in Kano (Nigéria) :

Rachid Nekkaz

Jean-Bruno Roumegoux

Tel : (33)660419059

Web :



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