Press Release: BOKO HARAM: Finally The Chicken Has Come Home To Roost


With the current campaign by some prominent Nigerians for amnesty to Boko Haram terrorist, it is glaring that sooner than expected, Nigerians will know those supporting the group.

We totally condemn the call for amnesty to the murderous members of the faceless group called Boko Haram and wish to state our total and unflinching support to Mr. President who said amnesty cannot be granted to a ghost and that until the leaders of these gang of murderers are ready to come out publicly for dialogue, amnesty will not be granted to them. We as a movement pledge our complete allegiance and loyalty to the President of the Federal Republic and urge the Federal government not to be cajoled into granting amnesty to a faceless murderous group who are killing innocent people with no just cause, but insist that the Northern leaders who are spear-heading the amnesty issue and who knows them MUST lead them to the discussion table before any discussion on amnesty should be done. We have a right to know them and to know exactly what they are fighting for!

The Sultan of Sokoto who is spear-heading the issue of amnesty for the killers should tell them that amnesty cannot be given to people who are not known. We challenge the Sultan who seems to be the leader of those calling for the amnesty, to come out and tell us why they are killing people. Their targets are Christians and they have been going after Christians and saying it without mincing words that the Nigerian Constitution should be removed from the North and be replaced with the Sharia, if not, the violence will go on.

For the Sultan of all people to come out and say there should be amnesty for people like these, without considering those that have been made widows and orphans, without considering the places of worship and schools that have been burnt down, is insensitive and callous.

Is the Sultan aware that Ibrahim Shekau, came out recently and said they were fighting the cause of Allah? He never talked about injustice. He never said they were looking for justice. Now, where lies the comparism with the Niger Delta militants? What happened in Niger Delta was completely different. There was a cause that they were fighting for, they were known and they were attacking pipelines which were their cause of agitation and never for once attacked any Mosque. But the goal of these murderers is to destroy churches and kill Christians.

We are from the North and can categorically say that the North has been shattered by the activities of Boko Haram members, so we are completely baffled that people are calling for amnesty for these murderous people who have crippled our economy.


Recently, they have been supporting Fulani marauders who have in the past 3 weeks been unleashing terror on the people of Atakar in kaura L.G.A and have killed over 50 innocent people as at the last count and have rendered many orphans and widows. This is purely a religious ploy against the good people of Southern Kaduna preparatory to 2015 to dis-stabilize the Country, Region and Kaduna state







  1. I have never think an individual with positive thinking, having statistics at hand will ever say that the attacked is targetted toward the Christian in the north go to all the states and areas this attack is taking place and find the dead toll the muslims are more affected than anyone,I do believe that you do not even read the bible and know it well please go back home and read your book.That jesus said for good Christian if you slap them on one face they should turn the other face for you.Before your statement I want to you to give the real figures of those that were killed before we even start to understand what you are talking about if you are not biased.

  2. Becos Jesus said a christian shuld turn d other face does not mean we re cowards. Why re dey attacking only d churches, tell me hw many mosques ve been attacked. Never mind, a day shall come


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