Boko Haram Rejects Jonathan’s Amnesty Offer



Information available to through sources close to the northern oligarchy indicates that the members of the Jihadist group, the Yusufiyya sect popularly referred to as Boko Haram may have rejected the amnesty offer extended to the group by the President of the federal republic of Nigeria.

According to the information received, the group said that they have not asked for the said amnesty deal. They added also that they will not accept the amnesty which the Governor Alhaji Kashim Shettima promised to offer them.

A spokesman of the Jihadist group who spoke to the Hausa version of the BBC- under the name – Abu Dardam stated that their reason of not accepting the amnesty is that they don’t recognize democracy as a form of government. He added that the group does not agree with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, stressing that justice can only be found in the Holy Quran, that is Shariya system of government.
Reacting the Borno state Commissioner of Home Affairs Information and Culture Mr. Hyeladi Inuwa Bwala, appealed to the group to see reason and embrace dialogue with a view to restore lasting peace in Borno state. He said most wars and crisis in the world were settled mostly through dialogue, and therefore called on the group to see wisdom in the amnesty offer and come to a round table for dialogue.




  1. This confusionist called boko haram are not serious, how can those that dont want western education use western chemicals and western weapons?

  2. Dat is reason why i say it b4 dat our presidnt jonathan is nt capable 2 b d presidnt of dis country bcos he nt fit 2 fight corruption nd arrest dose sponsor boko haram. I knw cos of his selfish intrest 2 win 2015 Election, dat is reason why boko haram is killing innocent citizen is everyday by day. If he know he can nt fight dem let him resign, we vote him dia 2 make a change

  3. Boko Haram is not a movement, that is it is not an ideology
    shared or supported by a large number of people. BH is an organization
    whose ideology is shared only by its few adherents. The inability to
    identify the membership of the group, especially its leadership, isolate
    it and decisively resolve the problem of the organization is simply a failure of
    intelligence on the part of the security services; or lack of political
    will by the government of the day. Any serious government would have
    long resolved the BH menace.

    But be that as it may, now that amnesty is proposed for the group,
    let those who call for amnesty first identify, engage and convince the
    group’s leadership to accept amnesty and renounce violence. Without
    first attaining this, amnesty is doomed on arrival. And if that happens
    (God forbid), then the nation will be worse off, both security wise and
    politically. Both government and the proponents of amnesty MUST tread
    carefully on this minefield.

  4. I don’t know the reason-why all in this forum are running round the bush, blaming boko haram for rejecting the amnesty. They have said it several times that they do not believe in Nigeria. I think they are right for not believing in Nigeria. Listen! and listen very well if somebody care about what we are saying in this forum. UNLESS JEG(PRESIDENT) CALL FOR SOVEREIGN CONFERENCE, THERE WILL BE NO PEACE. WE BEG YOU PRESIDENT TO SPLIT THIS COUNTRY OR ELSE ALL OF US MAY DIE IN THIS FAKE COUNTRY CALLED nigeria(small letter).

  5. The entire Islam is a wrong movement in the world. All the Hausa all BokoHaram in the North. They should blame them selves for the POVERTY in that land. They ruled this country for over four decades and yet there is large scale poverty in the North. Niger Delta Oil is controlled by them yet they are all registered Beggars in the country. Continue to be begging, Islam beggars.
    Western education is bad and they are using western chemicals and western weapons? BIG IDIOTS IN NIGERIA.

    • for you that call yourself Usman..which means you are in love withe name. You are a fucking fanatic..taking cover with muslim names and yet u are not a muslim…Dont you know that Christianity is the worst mistake to mankind. uptill now the religion has no specific fools are yet abusing Islam for a menace committed by unknown persons. you are really an illiterate.

    • Don’t ever call islam in whatever you are up to: you are completely ignorant about Islam and you are just saying what your pastor wanted, why r you guys always talking about islam? don’t u know there are many people in it that do no follow it right? can’t u see that there are 95% muslims who don’t support bokos? or is it the Islam that u want 2 downgrade? so, be ware that can never happen!

  6. The federal government should let the States in the core North through their governors and traditional institutions deal with Boko Haram.

    I hope Southerners should get out of those Sharia States. The communities that are not snitching on these fools are actually collaborating with them.

  7. Am sorry gentlemen u don’t understant islam.islam is a religious that teach pace & tolaren one another but one things with islam doesn’t accepted is chatting & will allow to continue .

  8. who are does people that Borno state are dialog with & who are does people that been arrested called boko haram so why are u saying u don’t know them.

  9. This amnesty issue is the selfish political idea of the northern leaders who thought the amnesty in the Niger Delta is a cheat to the North and ‎​S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ it should be given to the Boko Harrams who does not even want it. Where in the world has amnesty been given to terrorist group?

  10. d gorvenment has lost it’s head and soul.That is why they goes around beging the boko harams for amnesty. Ineptitude GEJ!

  11. These are mere your opinions!
    Islam and good muslims do not support what bokoharams are doing, you are just using them to frame Islam! i wish the country should be divided. igbos and other southerners brought robbery, kidnaping, raping and alcoholism to the north where our people never knew or even ciggarette b4. you G.E.J, give our money to real terrorists, tampolo, mend and the rest, why not talk about them?

  12. Hmm I know amnesty 4 boko harams will fail,bcos their aim is 2 wipe out non muslims frm d north it started about 30yrs ago they are militants in almost all d parts of d north,bringing weapons tru trailers loaded with cows and disguising as military men.The sultan knows very well that is why he kept defending them.Arrest IBB,Buhari and Atiku u wil hav paralyse boko haram 85% these are men that co-ordinate this age long satanic and Bloodleting movement,except wit prayers,in less than 3yrs frm now it wil be to ur tent oh Isreal.

  13. This so called Boko haram are useless and hopeless . Our president should redone his post at a chief in commend and become a Boko haram him self. Because l don’t see no reason why a whole president of Nigeria could not fight Boko haram not only that he has the balls to offer them amnesty . Innocent souls are dying every day in the hands of this bloody killers called them selfs Boko haram. And u are here granting amnesty . To hell with u president. This innocent souls that killed by this wicked evil men u must bear the conscience.

  14. How can you negotiate we murderers ? The BOKO HARAM members that were caught by the combined forces of the police and the military why have the government be unable to source information as to the backers or financiers of these evil groups? The political class of Nigeria are playing hide and seek games with people’s lives.
    Let every good Nigerian call for an end to this evil administration of GOODLUCK JONATHAN and his evil followers ranging from the presidency to local government council.


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