PRESS RELEASE: Sham Workshop Of Nepotism And Hatred By Alh Sani Sidi’s NEMA On The Good People Of Southern Kaduna


The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) is organizing a 3 day workshop (12th – 14th March 2013) on peace building and conflict management for sustainable development in Nigeria. The D.G of NEMA, Alh Sani Muhammad Sidi whose hatred and dislike for the people of Southern Kaduna is well known, (despite his claim to come from Southern Kaduna), ensured that the umbrella body of the Southern Kaduna People SOKAPU were not invited neither was any other Southern Kaduna Group invited to attend the so called peace meeting they claim is meant to consolidate the prevailing peace we enjoy in the North-West of the Country.

Sadly however, various groups and associations outside Southern Kaduna were invited and they all had a field day castigating the people of Southern Kaduna and accusing them of attacking the Hausa/Fulani settlers still living amongst them, despite the well known truth that it is the people of Southern Kaduna that have suffered untold hardship and persistent attacks, the last being the attack on Aduwan village in Zango Kataf L.G.A, where 5 people including a 6 months year old child lost their lives.

Why would NEMA, a Federal Government Agency, and using public funds to organize a peace workshop be biased due to religious and tribal affiliation in extending invitation for attendance?

What took place was a charade and waste of public funds and did not reflect a true representation of a peace workshop but a gathering of people on the beset of Sani Sidi and Ahmed Maiyaki, who selfishly handpicked them and spoke against the good people of Southern Kaduna portraying us as troublesome and murderers

No matter the antics to portray our people in bad light, it is a well known fact that we are peace loving and accommodating and no amount of falsehood can change the already known truth


Caleb Samuel Abbott

National President



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