PRESS RELEASE: CPC condemns Jonathan’s fruitless trip to Borno, Yobe states


The President’s tour of Borno and Yobe states: another meretricious expedition?!
On Thursday, 7th March, 2013, President Goodluck Jonathan began a
two-day tour of Yobe and Borno states, ostensibly to observe the
relics of the unabated insecurity emblazoned on the residents of these
states in the last three years. Though the spin doctors at the
Nation’s power corridor have, in their usual inimitable deceptive
style, told the nation that the guided tour had been in the plans for
a long time; it is difficult to believe that the real reason was not a
very infantile desire to match up the progressive governors’
tumultuous visit to Borno state in the preceding week!
The unanswered question remains: what has changed between the serial
postponements of the President’s visit to these states in the last two
years because of the predictable reason of unfavorable security
reports and the decision to visit last Thursday? Was it the feat of
the Progressive Governors in freely interacting with the people on the
streets of Maiduguri (with minimal security presence) that made the
President believe a trip to these hot-beds is possible, albeit with
the aid of a 3,000-strong Police force ably led by the Inspector
General of Police (IGP)? It was obvious that the knee-jack response of
the Presidency to the Progressive Governors’ visit did not consider
the necessity of a meaningful interface with the traumatized citizenry
as an integral part of such a visit!
The antecedents of the President in courageous crisis management leave
much to be desired. It would be recalled that after the bomb blast at
the precinct of Eagle square – the venue of the Independence
anniversary on 1st October, 2010 –   a timorous presidency shifted the
subsequent celebrations to within the barricaded walls of the
Aso-villa! The question is: with a supposition of a bomb blast around
the Aso- villa, would the President’s official residence be shifted to
Otuoke in Bayelsa state? It is our belief that Power of the
President/Commander-in-Chief comes with the responsibility that
transcends mere adornment with the epaulette of a Field Marshall at
National ceremonies. The President, like the ancient Centurion, should
never be lacking in nobility, honor and valor.
In the last three years, hundreds of Nigerians in these Northern
states had been deceased, with many more suffering different degrees
of disabilities. Indeed, countless many of Nigerians in these areas
have been caught in the cross fire of the War beyond boundaries that
have defined daily living. All these are desirous of succor from the
Undoubtedly, the President’s visit would serve no useful purpose and
indeed very meretricious if there is no cogent plan for rehabilitating
the displaced and bringing normalcy to the socio-economic life of the
people. After all, the Constitution is unambiguous in aptly declaring
that the purpose of Government shall be the welfare and security of
the People!
Meanwhile, it is left to be seen how the President’s visit, which was
mainly about flying above the heads of the Nigerian residents in these
areas, would help to solve the intractable issues on the ground.
God bless Nigeria.

Rotimi Fashakin (Engr.)
National Publicity Secretary, CPC.
Sunday, March 10, 2013.



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