Kwankwaso Sneaks Out To Dubai As Presidency Visits Kano



A cantankerous fete hovers above the security and political landscape of the Moslem dominated northern State of Nigeria, Kano State. Information available to reveals a toxic cocktail blend of political uncertainty and religious insecurity resulting in the sudden disappearance of the Kano State Governor from Kano at the start of the weekend to Dubai – under the cloak of secrecy.

According to the information obtained from a competent source stationed near the activities at the Kano government house, the Governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso on Friday March 8, 2013 traveled out to Lagos without the knowledge of his personal aides or security details.

While at the  Lagos international airport, Kwankwaso was reported to personally walk up to the ticket counter to purchase two tickets for him and his wife. The tickets were for a round trip to Dubai.

The couple boarded the Arab Emirate flight to Dubai on the late afternoon March 8, 2013. None of his personal aides accompanied him on the trip.

As of this writing, March 10, 2013, the Governor has yet return to Kano. Unconfirmed information suggests the governor may have traveled to India from Dubai – for alleged political conference with some aggrieved members of the People Democratic Party [PDP] – who are believed sympathizers of the All Progressive Congress [APC] – the new merger party.

Our source indicated that the Governor’s sudden visit to Dubai has to do with the scheduled visit of the Vice President, Namadi Sambo to Kano to visit the Emir of Kano, Ado Bayero on Sunday March 10, 2013. Both the Presideny and the Governor are said to belong to opposing camp within the PDP. The governor is also said to be harboring plans to vie for the presidential ticket under the PDP – or under other political party – should President go for the PDP presidential ticket.

Meanwhile, Namadi indicated that he was in Kano with a delegation from the Presidency to commiserate with the Kano Emirate Council, government and the people of Kano state over the January 19 attack on the Emir’s convoy. He extended the greetings of President Goodluck Jonathan to the Kano Royal Father, pointing out that the Presidency remains grateful to Allah for saving the life of the Emir. He described the incident as unfortunate, adding that the Federal Government is doing all it could to ensure that peace and stability returns in the North and the country in general.


  1. I am still wondering why 247ureports always wants to portray the Governor and Government of Kano State in bad light.

    There is no place in the report that indicated you contacted the State on the issue.

  2. What business is it of the Presidency if the governor exercise his right to travel as he wishes?
    The coming and going of the VP, should in no way co-incide with the earlier on schedules of the governor. VP in his own right is Exellency, so also His Exellency the Governor. So it shouldnt be seen as anybody’s problem. After all his deputy was at hand to receive him. Deputy to Vice or at the least special duties commissioner.


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