PhotoNews: Ezu River / Mystery Corpses – the Battle of Water Boreholes

Ngige’s overhand tank

By Citizen Reporter, Awka

A lot of controversies generated by the borehole Dr. Chris Ngige is said to be sinking for the people of Amansea, after some dead bodies were found in Ezu River, their only source of water for drinking, washing, cooking and other sundry activities.

Some have claimed that Anambra State Government has sunk a functional borehole for the people. Ngige people claimed likewise.

Some people debunked Ngige’s claims and went on to say that he only provided Umi, shallow borehole, of 30 feet.

We decided to carry out independent verification. Our findings after the visit to the place today:


Obi’s Borehole

A visit by 247ureports shows that Anambra State Government actually drilled two boreholes in the town, which is about the only source of water to the community. The borehole, according to the Engineer at site  is 300-feet down. They struck the type of borehole known as artisan, which does not need generator or sumo to pump out water as the water gushes out on its own.

The people of the area are happy with the Governor. They went on to describe him as the only man genuinely interested in their welfare, while others use them to play politics.

Obi is right now constructing an overhead tank for reticulation.


Ngige’s own borehole

Some people of Amansea termed Ngige’s borehole, an Umi – claiming it was purposely sited near one of the major roads as to boldly display the Borehole for commuters to see.

Some expressed anger that 20 Million was expended on a shallow borehole.  Careful inspection of the borehole showed no signs of running water.  A woman that sells provision store close to the place,  Mrs Angela Anigbogu, said that the Umi, as she called it, only produced water for two days and dried up. She wondered what the overhead tank is for, when the Umi ‘s water has dried up.

The overhead thank is being installed along with a small building, to be used as the generator house. 







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