Aba Power Plant to Begin Operations April, Says Nnaji



The Aba power plant being handled by Geometrics Power Limited would begin generation of electricity from the end of April 2013. Chairman of the electricity company, Prof. Barth Nnaji who confirmed this to journalists in Aba added that the distribution of the energy generated will take place within the next three months.

Speaking at the Aba plant while conducting a team of World Igbo Congress leaders from the United States of America, Nnaji said that the company will generate 188 megawatts which would be consumed by Aba while the excess would be used by other interested cities.

Nnaji disclosed that the test runs has been completed. “We have gone past the level of test run, what we will be giving out is the real thing and Aba will be the main beneficiary, because the city is our main target since there are many potential customers here.”

He stated that there are two companies at the plant, the Geometrics Aba Ltd, “which owns the plant and the Aba Power Company Electric which is supposed to be in charge of distribution of the energy generated”.

The former minister of power said that the issue of distribution is a thing of the past as they have worked out a way on how the energy generated will be distributed, adding that when the privatisation of Power Holdings Company of Nigeria [PHCN] is completed, it will be easier.

Nnaji hinted that almost completed is the 24 kilometre gas pipeline from Owaza to the plant at Osisioma Ngwa, stressing that the line would ensure uninterrupted supply of natural gas to the facility.

Speaking at the occasion, President of Wold Igbo Congress in America, Joe Eto commended Nnaji for coming down from America to help develop the country even when the American government never wanted him to leave for his home country.

Eto who described Nnaji as the best Power minister the country ever produced said that Ndigbo in America should emulate him by coming home to help develop the country, stressing that they do not have any other country to call their own.

“Prof Nnaji has given those of us in America hope that since he can do it we are can as well do it even better, so when I go back, I will tell our people what we have seen and that there is a future for those of us who have the interest of Nigeria at heart,” Eto said.

He charged land owners around the power plant to be lenient in their charges, stressing that what is happening at the plant site is a huge development which will benefit every member of the society particularly those from Osisioma Ngwa area where the plant is located.

“What Prof Nnaji is doing is to compliment the efforts of the federal government and we can only help him by cooperating with him especially those of us who are land owners around the plant by not being too exorbitant in our demands from the plant.”

He said that the success story of the plant is for all Igbo people no matter where they are, stressing that choosing Aba as the location of the plant where there exist many potential and active industries will be justified.



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