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Re-Legislative Flaws In Anambra State House Of Assembly – By Fidelis Nwakwesili



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Hon Chinwe Clara Nwaebili, Anambra State Assembly Speaker
Hon Chinwe Clara Nwaebili, Anambra State Assembly Speaker

One will be inclined to believe that the so-called faceless article purported to have written by one Owen Ozue from Nnewi and posted on the internet should be seen as the position of those lunatics that have been leaching may helm in various parts of the state and which the present administration has successfully caged to avoid further havoc and taking the state back to the dark ages.
However, the hand of the caged lunatic who managed to pierce the cage to scribble the porous but inciting and frivolous article against the hardworking but well-articulated leadership of Rt. Hon. Chinwe Nwaebili, should be a matter of serious investigation and concern. The voice appears to be that of Jacob but that destructive hand that has been in the cage for some time now, appears to be that of Esau.
When one critically examines those frivolous allegations of Speaker Nwaebili carrying the banner of women wrongly by presiding over those that sit for only ten minutes a day, going to South Africa on holidays to spend one billion naira, are testamentary to the fact that the author is one of those who brew trouble in the state as a way of making a living.
Records show that the fifth Assembly of Anambra State House of Assembly led by the charismatic but dynamic leadership of Rt. Hon. Chinwe Nwaebili, not only passed within a year and half of its existence, more bills than previous administrations in the same, would have passed within a given period.
It is also on record, that the present Anambra State House of Assembly has remained the most peaceful State Houses of Assembly across the nation.
The question will then be asked, where in the House that sits ten minutes a day only to adjourn the next day for another ten minutes? Where is that House that falls short of its legislative challenges? Where is that House that looks another way for the executive to have its way? All these bogus but unfounded allegations are just a calculated attempt to tarnish the image and the high credibility the administration of Rt. Hon. Chinwe Nwaebili has achieved for itself, in the name of gangsterism and hooliganism. Honour should be given to whom honour is due.
Article has been written in the past on the release of thirty six million naira for the members of the State House of Assembly, to attend a training workshop in South Africa. In this present one, the enemy of progress has geometrically increased the amount to one billion naira, according to him, was spent during Jamboree in South Africa, where the members of the State House of Assembly led by the Speaker were billed to watch the Super Eagles.
Please, Mr. author of the frivolous article, can you therefore put on your thinking cap to be able to realize that thirty six million naira is not the same as one billion naira, as you alleged. What is the thirty six million naira for?, one will ask. The question was answered by the Executive in the accompanied approval letter, which is not the making of Rt. Hon. Speaker Nwaebili.
From the tone of the article, it is quite clear that the author must have known the killers of those bodies found floating at Ezu River, which he again increased astronomically to sixty. He should be interrogated for accusing Anambra State House of Assembly for have helped the Executive to sweep it under the carpet, which, according to him, would have questioned the executive arm, of the circumstances surrounding the death; and ascribing the silence of the House to that of accomplice.
For your information, “you evil hand” that have been seeking avenues to drag the state back to Egypt, it is a well known fact that you are a partner in crime with those who after squandering the ill-gotten wealth acquired during the dark ages in the state are now exploring all avenues to fix your conduit pipe again to drain the resources of the state. It is also a well known fact that the Christmas recess of the House, which stands as their annual leave, predates the Ezu River event and must not be seen to have given birth to it.
On hearing the incident, which has not been unraveled as to the culprits, the Governor and the Speaker were the first to be there hence a follow-up action were taken by the State Government to unravel the remote cause, as well as provided alternative source of water for communities affected. Where then lie the sins of the State House of Assembly led by Speaker Nwaebili?
You need to be informed also, that Speaker Nwaebili is not carrying the banner of women wrongly as you incited, rather, she is a crusader and a champion of women emancipation.
I am inclined to believe you are one of those who think that this is the world of men only and that women should be relegated to the background.
It is therefore in your own interest to look for other means of livelihood than to take to falsehood, blackmailing and harlotry with the pen, to amass ill-gotten wealth that will lead you finally to hell fire.

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Fidelis Nwakwesili
Chief Press Secretary


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