For the first time since he returned last weekend from his five-month long trip abroad, Enugu State Governor, Sullivan Chime told reporters today that he was hit by deadly cancer of the nose which he had to treat in a London hospital during his long period of absence from office.
Governor Chime, however, shocked reporters  when he said that he never regretted the fact that many were kept in the dark during his long absence, insisting that he owed nobody, not even the  Enugu electorate any apology for keeping them guessing throughout the period.

Chime, who spoke to a select group of reporters at the Governor’s Lodge, Enugu  described cancer as a deadly disease and added that its cure was deadly too.

“Cancer is a deadly disease and the cure is also deadly. The cure for cancer is not Panadol. The cure for cancer is not these drugs you buy off the counter. By the time you go through Chemotherapy and radiotherapy, you will be a changed person. So I started treatment and the treatment altogether lasted for twelve weeks. throughout the period of my treatment, I was an out patient. I was never admitted in any hospital. All my treatments, I took as an out patient,”  he said.

Source: Daily Trust

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