PDP demands absolute loyalty; reads riot act for deviant members



The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has called for party discipline and commitment among its faithful saying only respect for the party’s leadership can assist it consolidate the virile democratic institutions and culture it had laid the foundation in Rivers Stare in the past decade. Asserting that discipline stands as key to party growth and electoral victory, the PDP however said it will no longer fold its arms while certain persons continue in their efforts to discredit the party and leadership of its Rivers State Chairman, Chief Godspower Ake. The party had therefore warned of severe consequences to include possible disciplinary sanctions to be applied against continued deviance.

Reacting to rumours of an impending dissolution of the Rivers State Executive and removal from office of the ruling party State Chairman, Mr. George Ukwuoma-Nwogba, the State PDP Publicity Secretary, in a statement in the state capital, noted that such rumours were the handiwork of mischief-makers and fifth columnists rented by certain disgruntled social deviants in the mould of politicians to cause rifts, describing them as enemies of democracy. “Their stock-in trade is to feast off the laps of their sponsors so long as their pockets are stuffed full with crisp currencies. We will soon unmask them,” Ukwuoma-Nwogba said.

The PDP publicity secretary harped on total loyalty, solidarity and support for the leadership of Chief Ake whom he described as a rare gift to politics of Rivers State. The PDP spokesman described as an ill-wind the rumour of the pending dissolution of the Rivers State PDP State Executive saying that so far, the current executive had built internal blocks for resolution of real or seeming divergent views.

“In a family as large as the PDP, and as is familiar with all democracy, views could vary but the PDP had instituted mechanisms for conflict resolutions. It’s therefore undemocratic, diversionary and mischievous for any member of our great party to resort to rumour peddling as a means to catching attention. The PDP shall no longer tolerate such deviant behaviour. We will not harbour mischief makers who have been hired to act the mole in the house,” Ukwuoma-Nwogba stated.

Continuing, the PDP spokesman warned that failure of such moles in the party to retrace their footsteps would leave the PDP with no option but to apply the big stick as prescribed by its Constitution.

“The PDP is giving such members time to repent and follow the path of restitution. Failure will force the party to invoke relevant disciplinary sections of the party’s Constitution. The party must maintain discipline among its faithful and would not spare anyone who may act parallel to rules and other statutory prescriptions.”

While calling for absolute, irrevocable support for the party and leadership of Chief Ake, Ukwuoma-Nwogba reiterated that the present State Executive of the PDP was elected by the overwhelming choice of the party faithful in a fair, free and transparently open process observed by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, as the Electoral Act 2010 (as amended) recommended.

“Therefore, the ruling party in Rivers State finds it ridiculous, revenge-seeking, malicious and baseless for anyone to call for the dissolution of the State Exco. It’s pettish, idolatrous and done in full bad taste to so prescribe in whatsoever form or disguise. Our teeming supporters should disregard the rumour and pay no attention to it as it is the product of an evil egg hatched by lazy-bones whose business is to stock ember of conflict. From such turn away,” Ukwuoma-Nwogba summed.






Wednesday, January 30, 2013



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