Boko Haram Announces Cease Fire

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Boko Haram, the dreaded Islamic sect that has been terrorizing some states in Northern Nigeria on Monday agreed to lay down their arms for peace to prevail after an agreement was reached in a closed door meeting of members of the group also called the Jama’atul Ahalis Sunna Lida’awati Wal with the Borno state Governor, Alhaji Kashim Shettima, other top government officials and religious leaders from the state.

The acclaimed Commander in-charge of North and Central Borno, Sheikh Abu Mohammad Abdulazeez Ibn Idris, while briefing journalists after the meeting that lasted for hours said that after due consultation with the leader of the sect, Shiekh Abubakar Shekau, as well as intervention and pleading from respectful individuals/groups in the state, they have all come to terms and agreed to lay down their arms.

The group however insisted that, Government should immediately and unconditionally release all their members from custody.

It also demanded that their places of worship be rebuilt, adding that the government compensate them, among other demands.

Source: newsbytesnow


  1. are we really sure that boko haram has fully surendard there arms,or that they want to use that trick to finish our government leaders ,i dnt think that this boko haram of a thing will give up that easly.pls we have to be very very careful abt them.

  2. I have always believed that making any kind of deal with any terrorist organization be it Boko Haram, or any other – is empowering it. Any prudent government should desist from such political insanity and innanity. It appears that the steam of Boko Haram is letting off with great efusiveness. The Nigerian government should let this organization to run totally dry and in the process, let the organization hang.
    As a terrorist organization, it should be denied any media attention, no matter how slight. This is to avoid the possibility of any such organization springing up in an already politically weary Nigeria.
    Now, imagine Boko Haram’s temerity in asking the government to rebuild it’s buildings, and asking for compensation, especially at the back drops of the human toll, and havoc that it has meted on the citizens of Nigeria.
    The government should continue to incise any traces of the make up of this terro-prone unit from Nigeria so as to serve a lesson to others who, in their quest for attention and notoriety, would would think twice. After the elimination of Al Quieda king pin, Osama Bin laden, and the decimation of the Yameni born, American educated, Anwar Al Awlaki, who today talks about Al Quieda? This is President Obama’s inprint on the world of terrorism. He must be congratulated for that. Nigeria, with the capture of key hooligans of Boko haram should make the same impression. !


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