‘Young Man killed in Kaduna in an apparent Suicide’

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The peace in the previously troubled Nigerian northern State of Kaduna may have been perturbed by a suicide discovery on the afternoon of Monday January 28, 2013 in the Mando area of Kaduna – a predominantly Muslim dominated area.

Information available to 247ureports.com through an official police source in Kaduna stated that the police discovered the corpse of the Edo boy/man aged 20 years hanging from a mango tree near the Lagos road in a lagoon area. According to the information received, the hanging corpse belonged to Abel – whose parents are no longer alive. He lived with his Aunt who had traveled to Abuja on Friday January 25, 2013 – and had given Abel some money for upkeep.

Upon her return from Abuja on the same day, the aunt noticed that Abel was not at home. She tried to reach him through his mobile phone – but the phone rang without a response. Having exhausted efforts to find Abel, she reported the matter to the local police – of a case of a missing person.

The police department in Kaduna did not turn up the whereabouts of Abel until the late morning of Monday January 28, 2013 when passersby discovered the hanging corpse. They alerted the police who then alert Abel’s aunt. Abel’s aunt identified the corpse as her nephew.

Abel is reported to have been unemployed and had never suffered any form of mental illness or associated vices.

The police source added that the suicide is being investigated for possible foulplay. They suspected the suicide to not be a suicide. “He may have been killed for religious reasons“.



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