“Yes, I Fought With House of Representative Deputy Leader at His House” – Youth President

House of Representatives deputy leader and member representing Isoko Federal constituency in the lower chambers, Mr. Leo Ogor Okuweh

By Our Reporter, Delta state

As more condemnation and controversy continue to trail last weekend physical brawl between the House of Representatives deputy leader and member representing Isoko Federal constituency in the lower chambers, Mr. Leo Ogor Okuweh and the factional Isoko youth president, Comrade Isaac Ogaga Egbuwoku, both men have come to deny the brawl ever took place.

After having briefed 247ureports.com on the brawl, the youth leader has turned around to contradict himself – in his attempt to deny that he fought with the lawmaker.

Immediately following the show of shame the youth president – in talking to our correspondent – insisted that he fought with the lawmaker following his (lawmaker’s) inability to respect a deal reached with him to engage some youths to compliment the security men on ground during the public hearing held at Oputa Hall, Ozoro, headquarters of Isoko North Local Government Area of Delta State.

As at the time of this report the issue has generated over two hundred comments on a social media page christened “Umeh Need Road” but the embattled lawmaker apart from denying the fight and describing it as “injustice and unfair” on “Umeh Need Road” he has failed to come out to formally tell his own side of the story.

Here’s the telephone conversion that ensued with a Journalist and the Youth leader explaining and insisting that he fought with the lawmaker in his house.

Journalist: I hear say u dey beat Leo for e house for Ozoro?

Ogaga: We fight, the guy dey fuck up, e dey do anyhow, he no dey respect himself at all, he go give people work, he go dey talk to them like say na im boys, it’s not done like that na.

Journalist: Hello sir is it true that both of you fought?

Ogaga: We fought na, for e house, for he house na.

Journalist: He say make you arrange your youths before to maintain peace?

Ogaga: Yes na, we do everything, he say make I bring boys, I say ok, no give me money to pay them, give me money for the bus when you say make I rent, answer me, e no dey answer me, he just dey talk to me anyhow, I come tell am say make he no dey talk to me like say I be thug or this thing, I said give me the money, if you don’t want to give me, tell me let me go, he come dey tell me say make I go outside, I ask am say why I go go outside? Why should I go outside?

I come tell am say make he no dey address me like that because me as an individual I be big man as him dey, he no dey feed me, he no dey do anything for me so make him no dey address me like that. Na wetin make me de vex for am self. You cannot give people assignment and treat people with disdain, it’s not done anywhere. So the God wen save am be say, him boys when be wan fight me, he himself nearly fight dem, because supposing them fight me, I for carry that place, put that place on fire, I have over one thousand boys that were waiting for me outside. you understand?

Journalist: But no be say two of una fight sha?

Ogaga: Wetin be fight, he tear my cloths and I dey hold him cloth de do everything, because in fact he day behave like thug. Them tear my cloths, them scatter my things, but at the end of the day, him boys wen de want fight me, na him com they fight them, na him dey tell them say make them no touch me, I wish they touch me, the fight for no just be wetin happen for that place so, I for extend am. So, him boys say them go wait for me for outside, I say make them wait for me because I get boys outside, I get boys wen dey wait for me for outside and we go do the battle for outside na.

At the end of the day, na because Ogwa com beg me say make I apologize for am. I apologize for am but my apology to him was not because what he did was right, I was angry with him, it was because Ogwa asked me to apologize to him that was why I apologized. If not for Ogwa, I no go apologize for am, and nothing go happen if no be Ogwa, I no go apologize, you understand? na because say Ogwa na my person, Ogwa de perform, him say oh.. Egbuwoku, u no go stop?

I come say bros na because of u or I no go do am because I have not done any wrong, he gave me an assignment, the assignment he gave me, give me the money to pay for the bus not to even settle the boys cos I will settle the boys myself. You understand? So before that situation, I don complain give Eto say, see the situation oo, him say e go talk to am. I don complain give him PA Dr. Paul, him (Leo) com call Ogorugba, you know Ogorugba, him com call Ogorugba, Ogorugba say him no go ague, him (Leo) com call David Onojega, David com com, de wan attack me.

I com tell David say me I no dey fear you for anything ooo. Because of the way this man dey behave, I never com him house for a very long time ooo. This is somebody that gave me appointment to come to Abuja, I spent three days for Abuja stayed in Hotel, me and my deputy, were in a Hotel where I was paying 9,000 per night for three days two of us, you know how much this can cost.

The man take me to his house, na him SA Dr. Paul tell am say, ‘you gave this boys appointment to see you, talk to them, attend to them’ but at the end of the day we were not even able to discuss, he gave me twenty thousand naira that is not even part of my fuel, him will call you but because of Akukwata wen calm me down, presido no worry no do this no do that. So since that time I don’t talk to him, I don’t go to his house and I don’t do anything with him.

What he did was a national assignment, I was nominated by the Delta State youth council to represent Isoko National Youth Movement, that was why I was there, I went to show myself to him and he say he done ready hear, and say dem don forward my name to am. And I said we are about so so so number and he said no no no just one bus and I told him that 20 youths will contain one bus and he agreed to pay ten thousand for the bus. And for the boys he promised to pay when we come. We do reach na oo him no gree pay the boys, I say ok give me the 10k for the bus and I will settle my boys myself, that is not a problem. As I enter the house him say oooo you be youth guy.

I challenged him, I say oga you are treating me with disdain, you gave me an assignment and I expected you to respect my interest if not for my person as an individual but for the position am holding, but as an individual I am not a write off, I am a big man just like you, I have my personal house, my private cars am driving, the way you are maintaining your cars, the same ways I am maintaining mine, I have wife and children, the same private school wen your children de go na im my children dey go to, so you don’t treat me with disdain. You cannot treat me with that disdain. Him just turn na him say ‘I don tell u make u de go’ na im I com say why I go go when you give me assignment and you have not taken care of me? Na so them de behave?

So at that level, him com say I dey challenge am. Na im I com say why I no go challenge u? you are treating people like say them no be human being, even if you are treating people, u don’t treat me like that because as an individual I am a well to do person, then my family background, there is no political name that can be counted in Isoko 1 2 3 without been counted amongst people, so don’t treat me like that. So at that level, that im boy David, he torn my cloths everything but that no be my problem, him dey voke, I tell am say you as an individual can u fight me? I will beat you and kill you.

When Leo see the way him boys de com… I com say when una touch me, I have a thousand boys outside, we will set this house ablaze and nothing will happen, na then him com dey tell im boys say make them no fight me oo, make them no waylay me oo, say nobody should fight me outside but I was expecting and I wish they attack me, I don tell am say no cross Isoko North come Isoko South. Because I will be there and I will attack you. I no go mind I will personally attack him with my boys (on full regalia) so that was the situation.

The lawmaker did not answer calls made to his mobile phone nor did he respond to text messages. However, one of his aides said it was not true that Mr. Okuweh fought with anybody.



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