Radio Biafra-London Accuses FG of Cyber Attacks


The Nigerian Government has been accused of waging a cyber war against

Radio Biafra London (RBL) as the radio station changes its frequency

and time of broadcast.


It is good that we bring to your attention the new aggressive cyber

attacks, frequency-jamming unleashed against our radio transmission

and systems by the Federal Government of Nigeria who has consistently

proved itself as enemy of alternative opinion, freedom and free



The radio station, apparently considered dissident by the Nigerian

government according to Mr Uche Mefor, its Presenter and Research

Analyst has been broadcasting from London was said to have been

subjected to unprecedented wave after wave of cyber attacks by signals

suspected to be sponsored by the Federal Government of Nigeria, aimed

at knocking it out of reach and air.


Mr Mefor in a press statement disclosed that, “Our slideshows, our

entire website and frequency have come under unprecedented attacks.


“But in keeping our promise to the indigenous people of Biafra

Republic and lovers of freedom and justice all over the world, we are

unwavering in our resolve to remain on air and to continue

broadcasting to millions of our listeners around the world.


“To this effect, Radio Biafra broadcasting from London (RBL) has

changed its frequency. And starting from Thursday, 1st of November

2012, Radio Biafra London (RBL) will be heard on a new frequency,

11830 kHz and 11.83MHz 25 Meter Band on shortwave and the new

broadcast time is 8pm to 9pm Nigerian time every Thursday and



“We call on our listeners, fans, friends and family of Radio Biafra

broadcasting from London (RBL) to take note of this development. Yes,

we have changed our frequency from 11870 kHz frequency on the

shortwave band to 11830 kHz and 11.83MHz 25 Meter Band on shortwave.

We have also changed the time of broadcast from 9pm-10pm to 8pm-9pm

Nigerian time. The broadcast days are however unchanged, as they

remain Thursday and Saturday.


The spokesman therefore urged their “followers to take note and adjust

immediately. While assuring you that freedom, liberty and

self-determination will suffocate tyranny, defeat criminal enterprise

and obliterate all other forms of man-made duplicity and

manipulations. We are on the frontline in our quest to free our people

from the plaque called corruption, political-naivety, social

captivity, incompetence, abject penury, visionless and dubious

leadership at all level and all manacles of marginalization,

deprivation, ostracism, criminal neglect, premeditated murder and

mass-organized killings of indigenous people of Biafra.


“We ask for your patience, dedication and support as the entire staff

of Radio Biafra shall serve the Biafra cause with utmost sacrifice

(not just in words but in action), dedication, transparency, trust,

accountability, passion and reason. We shall not relent; neither shall

we allow the spirited efforts of our detractors to prevail”.




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