Labor Demands Lamido Sanusi’s Sack


Labour leaders Wednesday rose from a meeting and unanimously called for the head of the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.

In a statement signed by its president Abdulwaheed Omar, the labour leaders under the auspices of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) called for the immediate sack of the governor saying “It is obvious Sanusi was never qualified for the office of CBN governor in the first instance, and he must be asked to leave the office as he has shown more than enough incompetence and contempt for the Nigerian people.

“We see in Sanusi an agent of death that must be defeated and crushed before he further destroys the Nigerian economy,” the statement continued.

Labour president accused the CBN chief of implementing policies that are not beneficial to Nigerians and the country’s economy at large.

The NLC censured the government’s chief banker of pursuing an anti-peoples agenda saying all his major pronouncements as governor since his assumption of office have been either directly anti-people or ruinous to the Nigerian economy.

“And we need to ask Sanusi how much work he has successfully done in the CBN to reposition the bank to tackle present day realities? He is surrounded with countless aides that are obviously not required by a man who believes that the Nigerian economy runs too high on overhead cost,” they asked.

The labour leaders took a swipe at the governor over his call for the scrapping of the third tier of government (local government) reminding him (Sanusi) that the third tier of government that he so earnestly desires to scrape is part of the federal system and the fulcrum on which the federal system of government is operating. They instead called for increased funding for the local government system to enable it function properly as required under a federal system.

Concluding, the said “The truth, which Sanusi as a beneficiary is running away from, is that corruption has become a real burden on the economy and it should be the only priority item on the table of any serious government. Even if you sack all the workers in Nigeria, any amount saved from that will be stolen and the culprits will walk away in freedom,” the statement concluded.




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