Iran condemns Syria rebels for execution of Syria soldiers at Idlib checkpoint


The apparent execution of Syria’s soldiers by the Syria rebels at a checkpoint in the northwestern province of Idlib has been denounced by the Iranian government, with the country’s Foreign Ministry characterising the execution of Syria soldiers as a monstrous act by Syrian terrorists.

The Syria execution video, which has been circulated online, demonstrates the Syria rebels executing the Syrian soldiers, who are loyal to the country’s President, Bashar al Assad, who belongs to the minority Shiite Muslim community of Syria.


The Syria rebels, who are mostly Sunni Muslims, have been characterised by Iran as criminal gangs, who have installed death squads to murder the innocent Syrian soldiers.

Iran, a mostly Shiite nation, has been exhibiting strategic fidelity to Syria ever since the commencement of the Syrian uprising in March 2011 to unseat President Bashar al Assad. The uprising was led mostly by Sunni Muslims, who constitute the majority Muslim community of Syria.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ramin Mehmanparast, has uttered that the backers of such terrorist Syrian rebels are responsible for unabated bloodletting in Syria.

Mehmanparast also remarked that certain Middle Eastern nations and the West were attempting to generate a security vacuum in Syria, which will destabilize Syria additionally.

Meanwhile, the YouTube Syria video, showing the execution of Syria soldiers, has made the UN remark that the Syria rebels could have perpetrated war crimes by summarily executing the Syrian soldiers.

The video reveals the Syria rebels kicking, profaning and exterminating the soldiers, who appeared to be terrified.

The UN remarked that the Syria video, if corroborated, could represent evidence of a war crime.

The Syria video has triggered international attention and created debates within the Syrian opposition, which has been sympathetic to the Syria rebels’ actions.

The Syria video has created fears that the rebels, intending to take over Syria, don’t really respect ‘rule of law’ and ‘human rights.’ The UN has already accumulated evidence of ‘crimes against humanity’ committed by the Syria rebels and the government before, which can ‘aid’ their prosecution by tribunals, uttered Rupert Colville, a spokesman for UN High Rights Commissioner.


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