Uniport Massacre: “I knew one of the boys personally. He was not a thief” – Senator Ike Ekweremadu

Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu with Mrs Bianca Ojukwu

The upper chamber of the National Assembly in their seating today [October 9, 2012] tabled the issue of the brutal murder of the four students of the University of Port Harcourt, River State – Ugonna, Lloyd, Tekana and Chidiaka by the vigilante operatives of Aluu community.

The Senate plenary which began at about 12:30pm saw the Senators rise to speak in denunciation of the brutal killings. Among the Senator who spoke against the killings included Senator Akume, Senator Egba, Senator Bello, Senate President David Mark, Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu and others.

One of the Senators who spoke passionately and personally on the killings was Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu who told the Chamber that he knew one of the boys personally. “The mother is from one of the local government areas which I represent here in the Senate” said the deputy president who also noted that “the boy travels to the United States of America [USA] frequently” and so has no need to steal phones and laptops. “The mother of the boy works for a top bank in Nigeria and the father is a top shot in NNPC”. The Senator stated that he spoke with the parents of Chidiaka recently.

The Deputy Senate president added that preliminary investigation suggests that the brutal killings may have been the result of misunderstanding between students. But the Senator stopped short of elaborating on the details of the misunderstanding – citing that the matter remains under investigation.

Adding a strong voice to the condemnation of the killings was Senator Akume of Benue State who seized to opportunity to rally for the creation of State police. The Senator indicated that the creation of State police will help halt the type of needless killings currently taking place around the tertiary institutions of Nigeria. He made it clear also that anyone for kills should be killed.

The Senate President seconded the call for creation of State police – adding that the increased killings of innocent souls in the various part of Nigeria caused him to change his original stand on the issue.

A one minute silence was observed by the Senate in honor of the murdered boys.



  1. is dat all we will get? tomorrow same thing will repeat again. those invovle should be publicly killed to teach others a lesson.

  2. Honestly all these wanton waste of human lives, shows the level our society have degenerated to, no society condone criminality like our society, criminals are giving state pardon and national honors . No morale upbringing at homes all our minds are set on embezzlement shady contracts executions to the very detriment of our society.
    Honestly our leaders and all those in authority should examine themselves and rededicate themselves to nations building if not the future of this imaginary great nation is bleak. when US predicted a fail state for us by 2015, those in power accused US of not wishing us well instead of looking at things objectively we stated witch hunting . may God help us.

  3. This waste of lives tell the world the kind of people we are, what are our value as a people. because people are not punish for crimes that is why we keep hearing these kind of pathetic unbelievable stories that a group of persons should just massacre people and burn them in this 21st century even in war time, it is not acceptable they will be charge for war crime.
    let us wait to see what becomes of this matter.

  4. Please i beg the senate to take up this issue personally and use those involved should be used as scape goat to other, and at the same time do it publicly for for the world to know that something was done concerning issues like this…

  5. We are taking it likely because the are not our imediate brother or relatives. As far as am concern,our lifes are not guaranteed in this country as for that community, if its for me the whole people involve should die the same way those boys died.even if the have stolen phones or laptops God punish you for killn then since the can not go and kill all those stealling billion of naira. I blame our government for this action cause the have made this country lawless.

  6. From d video clips I watched,there is no doubt dat d people of Aluu community eats human being.D community should b given 2 cameroon in exchange 4 bakassi.

  7. Seriously, it seems as if some people don’t have human feeling, how would a human being kill a fellow kind? Its so inhuman. I seriously don’t think they are human beings!!!! The best solution to this is a thorough investigation to ffish out the real murderers , afterwards they should be killed and masacred publicly May their soul RIP……..

  8. See; any of my friends who had the opportunity to travel to civilized Countries but refused bcos of ‘patriotism’. When he falls victim of the state of Nigeria’s decaying Security, I WILL not go to his FUNERAL!

  9. What are we even saying………. The fedral and state government should leave the students to bring down this ALUU community’ cos they killed those guyz unjustly………. Even if they were thiefs! They should not hve been disgraced like that….. This is a Nation disgrace to thier friends and families??????? People of river state should be thought a lesson…..

  10. All am saying is that ALUU community should be eliminated because all of them where there watching like he-goats… We dont need that kind of people in this nation


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