Police set Interpol after run-away oil chiefs


By The Citizen

The Police are  set to enlist the services of the Interpol against oil chiefs who have fled the country in the wake of recent arrest of the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Capital oil & Gas Industries Ltd, Mr. Ifeanyi Ubah.

Police sources told THE CITIZEN that some CEOs of companies indicted in the oil subsidy probe have fled the country on the excuse that they are on business trips.

The source at the Force Headquarters said it would only take days to arrest them as police would use the Interpol to track them down and bring them to face justice.

He said, “We are working round the clock to ensure that all those people indicted by the Presidential panel on the oil subsidy scam to be arrested to face the law.

“Many of them have fled the country but what they failed to understand is that the world is a global village and the network against criminal elements is high. I can assure you that nobody is above the law.”

The source further stated that in the days to come, the Police would make sure that all the indicted oil marketing and trading companies are brought to book, with no sacred cows.

“All the issues of fuel subsidy scam will be addressed soon as the indicted suspects will be brought to custody to answer for themselves at the law courts. We are not leaving any stone unturned in ensuring that this is done. We know some of them ran away on the excuse that they are on business trips but we have given the grace to either appear or we declare  them wanted and with the assistant of the Interpol, they will be brought to custody,” he said.

The Special Fraud Unit , Milverton Ikoyi, last arrested Uba over the  alleged involvement of his companies in the fuel subsidy scam.

His company was indicted  by Mr Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede’s led 15-man Presidential Panel constituted by President Goodluck Jonathan to re-investigate the findings of the report of an earlier investigation panel set up by the Ministry of Finance on Fuel Subsidy payments valued at over N2 trillion.



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