HURIWA Condemns Mob Killing Of Four Uniport Students


Worried about the widespread application of what it called lynch mob justice and arbitrary killings of crime suspects by mobs all acrooss the country the HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS’ ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA [HURIWA] has canvassed the trial of all those involved in such unconstitutional conducts for murder just as it called on the River State Government to produce without further delay the members of Umuokiri Community, Aluu in Ikwerre Local Government Area near Port Harcourt, River State who were captured in the video participating in the bestial killing recently of four University of PortHarcourt Students accused of allegedly pilfering mobile phones and laptop computers.

Media reports gave the names of the four University Students killed by angry mobs in Aluu Community near PorHarcourt, River State recently for alleged theft of computers and mobile phones as Mr. Ugonna, Mr.Lloyd, Mr. Tamukena and Mr. Chidiaka even as the video of the dastardly criminal act of lynch mob killing of these four Nigerian youth and Students of the Universityf PortHarcourt, River State were captured and uploaded on the internet by some of the eye witnesses who saw the mob action take place.

The development focused Non-Governmental Organization- HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS’ ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA [HURIWA] in a statement to the media endorsed jointly by the National Coordinator Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko and the National Media officer Miss. Zainab Yusuf condemned the vicious show of shame demonstrated by members of the Aluu Community near PortHarcout who took the law into their hands by attacking and gruesomely subjecting the four young Nigerians to their untimely death in the most crudest of fashions which must be comprehensively probed by the Federal and River State Governments so that all those who actually participated in this crime against humanity are arrested and prosecuted in the competent court of law formass murder to serve as deterrent to other would be mass murderers.

HURIWA stated thus; “We hereby condemn in totality the show of bestiality, and the crude enforcement by an angry mob of the most irrational and unconstitutional penalty to a group of young Nigerians caught for allegedly offending the law. We totally condemn this lynch mob justice and the setting ablaze of these young boys by members of Aluu community who were captured in the video evidence celebrating the actual killing through the most gruesome manner of fellow human beings for allegedly committing offences that at best can not attract more than six months prison terms if the proper constitutional channels are followed in compliance with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”.

HURIWA also stated; “Nigeria being a nation governed by law and not by the whims and caprices of the mobs, HURIWA hereby give the Federal Government and the River State Government seventy eight hours hours to apprehend and prosecute these mass murderers for these dastardly crime against humanity to serve as effective deterrent to other would be mass murderers in any part of Nigeria. If the Nigerian Government fails to carry out this legal obligation we will begin series of campaign in the mass media drawing the attention of the World to the reign of impunity with Government tacit approval going on in Nigeria”.

The Rights group also blamed the failure of security on the part of the Nigerian Police Force and the State Security Services for allowing this sort of crude form of punishment to take place in an open field for a very long period of time without the security operatives rescuing these young Nigerians who certainly do not deserve this kind of inhuman extra-legal execution by this primitive crowd. The River State police commissioner AND THE River State SSS Director must be penalized for allowing this bestiality to happen in theirstate of jurisdiction even when section 33[1] provides for right to life to Nigerians.




  1. Its really a shame on our federal govt, state and the so called ‘nigerian police force’. how will they explain the security of the country if such act will take place in such an open field and they never got the information, it definitly lasted for hours. and even with this pictures being displayed on net, notin has still been done. every single person showing on this picture should be apprehended and made to pay for it so others will learn from it. WHICH WAY FORWARD, NIGERIA?

  2. Honestly de Traditional ruler or de Chief of dat so called Aluu community is nt worthy n lacks experiences as a community leader n his is de first person dat is suppose to be arrested n charge to court for murder case,cos frm all I ve heard n gathered frm de barbaric acts,dose innocent young undergraduates students were brought to him as suspected criminal b4 bn mobbed n ablazed. So it is his work n duties as a traditional ruler to call n hand dem over to de police immediately for further investigation. May de God of justice fight for dose innocent unarmed undergraduate of Uniport dat re bn mobbed n killed by de Aluu Community in River State.

  3. While I cannot hold brief for jungle justice nature of this action. But you must stop and ponder what nigerians go thru on a regular basis- armed robbers killing at will both in our homes, work, and on the road. Kipdnappers on merciless abduction mission, demanding horrendous amount and sometimes collects the money and kill the victim, nigerian police complicity in most of this cases, and the fact that they have no plans to curtail these evil, and the list go and on. What does the people do?, than to fight back. It is unfortunate that the community chose petty thieves of four young men, but like a cancer, these petty thieves may eventually grow up to a big tumour. Is it better to act now and cut it down before it becomes a dangerous tumor in the brain? (kidnappers/armed robbers). It is left for individuals to judge. What I refused to do is a total condemnation of a situation in nigeria no one seem to have an answer. Our leaders share among themselves the few police resource we have. They have police men guarding them, their children, wives and girl friends, and other hang-ons 24 hrs, seven days a week. Another batch of police officers is despatched to their home state guarding every property and other interest they may have. What is left of the police force, oga Madams (police chiefs wives), keeps five or six at home for errands, going to the market, and taking the children to school, as if that was our goal when we spent thousands of tax naira to train them. This is hopeless for the people, only a fraction of this useful police resource caters for the security of over one hundred and fifty million of us-the under priviledged nigerians. Check this and tell me if there is any other country that uses its security resources like this. What option does our people have?. If the national assembly can at least enact a tough law to check the excesses mentioned above, that would be a different matter, but in reality no one cares, and so nigerians are slaugtered like goats by Boko Haram,. night marauders, kidnappers, and death by road accident in the death trap called roads in nigeria. It is pathetic, and the people are fraustrated, if they have take the law unto their hands, so be it, the people themselves must find a way to survive the onslaught.!

  4. its so so a shame in dis era that such gruesome act still exist amongst us its so barbaric damn what the case maybe and for no reason they have no right of any kind over anothers’ life at least every one has a right to a trial i cant stop but shed tears for the 4 youngsters and for my country Nigeria its so so unfortunate This Boys Might be Innocent even if they where guilt it is never in anyones place to take the life of another

  5. Wl nothn much, nothn can bring there lives back bt 1 thn, we need 2 get ready in facing anythn nd 2 remember dat God is aware of every thn, people of d guys shouldt take heart nd leave everythn 2 God even thou is nt easy, may their soul rest in peace Amen

  6. what? is this one the Nigerian movies? or is this real? It can’t be happening in present day Nigeria, just for computers? and people stealing billions of Naira are still walking free. very wrong precedence. All th people resposible must pay. Nonense!!!

  7. Such act is inhuman n demonic,wat u cnt give so dnt take it.every1 deserves a fair trail.dos mob if 1 of d boys happen 2 b dia relation wud they perpetuate such insane act unto him?watchin dis wicked pple deriving pleasure Ƒrom such act drained my tears.d community leader doesn’t ve regard 4 human live,failed 2 tek d ryt judgement nt handling dos boys 2 d police
    On d oda hand nigerian police in̲̅ d̶̲̥̅̊α† area are inefficient thus claiming they neva heard such act taken place resultin 2 delayed response action by d police 2 stop such action,†ђξ main step they already failed.their 2nd step ɪ̣̝̇ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇ 2 ensure d̶̲̥̅̊α† they don’t lay back until dos involved Ά̲̣яє̲̣̣̣̥ brought 2 face justice.
    D state government,univresity officials,human ryt bodies and d police shuld d̶̲̥̅̊α† such act happend no more.LET’S RESPECt LIVE

  8. for me not only should those who killed them be arrested.those who stood and watched this brutal act should be arrested as well.My goodness some of them are women who either have or would STRONGLY pray for a MALE child.

  9. God this is terrible, just cos of phone nd laptop how can somebody do dis to is fellow being. And imagine dos watchin them. The govt shld pls deal with the leader nd dos that are involve. Their families shld take heart nd may their souls rest in peace.(Amen)


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