Bayelsa State CAP Chairman Sacked


Documentary information [enclosed] available to indicates that the Change Advocacy Party [CAP] has sacked its Bayelsa State Chairman, Mr. Deme Kolomo.

The sack is to take effect starting October 22, 2012.

As gathered, the sack of Mr. Kolomo was based on bribery allegations stemming from the Supreme Court tussle between the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] gubernatorial candidate and the CAP candidate for the gubernatorial elections in Bayelsa State. The State Chairman was alleged to have been approached by the PDP operatives in Bayelsa State to subvert the ligation process against the CAP.

The State Chairman of CAP, following his meeting with the PDP operatives in Yenogua was reported to have given a press release in favor of the PDP case and against the CAP.

At the break of the news release, the stakeholders within the CAP believed the CAP Chairman may have been kidnapped – that he made the statement under the custody of the PDP security operatives.

When it dawned to the members of CAP that the State Chairman made the news release without discomfort, they opted to sack him.

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