Abia Council Boss Lauds Orji Over The Introduction Of Biometric System


From Umuahia, Abia State

The Transition Committee Chairman of Aba North local council, Hon. Good luck Amaefula has lauded Gov. Theodore Orji over the introduction of the biometric data capturing system in the 17 councils of the state.

In a chat with journalists in Aba, the chairman said the measure has brought sanity to the local government system in the state, stressing that it has helped to tackle the issue of ghost workers to a large extent.

The governor insisted that the TC Chairmen must implement the measure in the payment of salaries.

“There are many workers of the local government who do not come work but collects salaries at the end of the month. It was this bad. Even with the introduction of biometric system, a worker will just come to work in the morning, log in and disappear. But with the rule of logging in and out daily, you must achieve 50% attendance before you are paid. The sanity brought sanity and freed fund for other development projects. Government does not exist to pay only salaries, particularly to those who do not work,” he said.

On the issue of claims by revenue staff of the council that they should be exempted from the biometric system, Amaefula further said; “What revenue do they generate? You will go to a revenue department, but for month to month, they wouldn’t return a dime to the council purse. Go to their office, you will only see two or three persons. Other have gone to their private businesses, we cannot continue to operate in this way. This is why we told them to start to log in and out. Let’s monitor those who are the real workers.”

Amaefula enjoined residents of the council to support government’s efforts to give a facelift to the city of Aba. He also confirmed the governor’s promise of rehabilitating the roads as soon as the rains subside.



  1. The biometric system should be used in the whole Nigeria because the gost worker are more than the phycical workers. Another thing is that it is not brotherly for the gorvernor of Abia to send the Imo indigen teachers back to Imo. since October 1st of 2011 there has been 28 dead teachers because of that.

  2. The system of biometric has paid off…..It exposed lots of people who are under payroll but never discharge off duties in any way…..the ghost workers of a thing has really been addressed in Abia state….there are strict adherent on every council on matters regarding local govt council workers in a way that scrutinizes all persons’ profiles to know who is not actively working but earns salary ,but that form of corruption ha s been arrested in all local government councils….

  3. ulunma ,dont forget that in away there has been a provision that gave many Abians an opportunity to secure job since the introduction that demanded every non indigene be sent to their own state…at least many people secured jobs ,contract jobs and all that,i will say T.A did quite a huge decisive task that yielded result

  4. biometric is such a wonderful concept to checkmate corruption that has infested the local council..and the governor did so good to introduce that measure….it paid off indeed


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