2 Jewish Expatriate Workers [Gilmore] Flee Multiple Accident Sence in Abuja, Bribes DPO

Scene of Accident

Information available to 247ureports.com obtained through a source within the Federal Road Safety Commission [FRSC] reveals that two Jewish workers attached to Gilmore Construction Limited [an expatriate firm specializing in road construction] fled the scene of a multiple vehicular accident along the Kubwa expressway in Abuja near the News Engineering intersection.

According to the information gathered, the incident occurred on October 5, 2012 [1:05pm] when a Gilmore vehicle with three occupants [a driver and two Jewish employees of Gilmore] and a red Toyota Camry vehicle attempted to negotiate through the News Engineering intersection. The red Toyota Camry, in the process of attempting to exit the expressway through the News Engineering intersection – slightly brushed the Gilmore vehicle.

In an anger tantrum, the driver of the Gilmore vehicle [whose name was given as Jonathan] moved and blocked the intersection using his vehicle – as he stepped out of his vehicle to approach the driver of the red Toyota Camry. While Jonathan stepped out of his vehicle in search of the driver of the red Toyota Camry, his vehicle containing the two Jewish top officials of Gilmore – obstructed the free flow of traffic at the same intersection – and it caused for five vehicles to be packed behind the Gilmore’s vehicle in wait for the vehicle to clear the intersection.

Unfortunately, before Jonathan could complete his tantrum raid at the intersection, a Tipper truck, belonging to Duno Block Industry, carrying 6-inch cement blocks approached the intersection – and lost control – as he suddenly realized that the intersection was blocked and that five other vehicles were lined up behind. The truck driver made attempts at maneuvering the Tipper away from hitting the parked vehicles – but failed.

The Tipper truck driver then crashed into the parked vehicles – destroying a Lexus Sport Utility Vehicle [SUV], Toyota SUV, and a Hyundai Elentra.  The Hyundai Elentra received major damage – the driver – a woman – was reported – to have narrowly escaped death. The driver of the Toyota SUV – a military officer was send to have walked up to Jonathan and punched him on the nose.

As passerby rushed the scene of the multi-car accident – another unmarked SUV arrived the scene and quickly, the two Jewish employees of Gilmore boarded the SUV and sped off – abandoning the scene of the accident.

The matter was quickly referred to the Gwarinpa police station. Both the Tipper truck and the Gilmore vehicle was seized by the Gwarimpa police as potential exhibit.

But the matter took a new turn as it arrived the desk of the DPO [his name is A. Godiri] of Gwarinpa police station – when Godiri made attempts at holding the Tipper driver as the only responsible party for the multiple accident. He wanted to exonerate Gilmore Construction company of any wrongdoing. But the owners of the damaged vehicles who were also witnesses to the incident objected to the DPO’s faulty judgement. The aggrieved owners requested for the matter to be transferred to court. And the DPO did.

On Tuesday October 16, 2012, the case was present to a Magistrate Court. Magistrate Abdullahi Ahmed Ilelah – after hearing the case, found that both the driver of Gilmore’s vehicle and the Tipper truck  have cases to answer. The Magistrate then remanded both men – and set bail at N1million each with three shortees that reside within the jurisdiction of the court.

The Gilmore driver, Jonathan was instructed to return to court on October 28, 2012 while the Tipper driver was instructed to return on October 31, 2012.

Following the court hearing, another interesting twist took hold – as the two Jewish workers invited the DPO to their offices on Thursday October 18, 2012. The meeting between the two parties ended at a nearby garden about an hour later. As the DPO returned to the Gwarinpa police station, he summoned the IPO in charge of the case [Mr. Lawal] – and instructed him to release the Gilmore vehicle to the two Jewish fellows.

Also the DPO is said to want to exonerate Gilmore from payment of damages – but the IPO is said to be unwillingly to allow him.

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