Trouble in Kano Government House: Kwankwaso, Cabinet Members in Shouting Match


Amidst the unfolding security challenges in the northern state of Nigeria, Kano State, the governing body appears unraveling from a peculiar challenge staged within the Kano state government house. Information available to through a source close to the government house in Kano indicates that the cabinet members of the governor of Kano State might be flirting with the notion of a mass exodus from the government.

Presently, the Kano State Governor and his cabinet members are seated behind a closed door meeting over a threat by the Secretary to the State Government [SSG] of resigning today following a shouting match between him and the governor.

The governor, as was gathered, in what appeared a ‘substance’ induced rage had walked into the office of the SSG unleashing tantrums at the SSG – raining abuses and threats of physically manhandling him.

In response, the SSG privately told the governor that he has had enough – that he is resigning – and would expose all the dirty secrets of the Kwankwaso administration.

The Cause: The governor was said to have been angered by a letter of query written to the Emir of Kano. The letter was dispatched by the SSG to the Emirate Council requesting from it a breakdown of the monies paid to it for a period covering eight years [8years] and a breakdown of how it was spent. The letter was dispatched under the instruction from the governor. And as the Emirate Council got the letter, they telephoned the governor to acknowledge and thank him for the query letter.

Our source indicated that the governor was not comfortable receiving the telephone call from the Emirate Council. He quickly denied knowledge of the query letter. And in a heated rage, the governor matched towards the SSG’s office and a tongue lashing ensued. It quickly dwindled to a shouting match with other cabinet level members chiming into the matter.

With the shouting match, the SSG was quoted to have bluntly told the governor that he was resigning effective immediately. Within minutes of the SSG’s resignation threat, the governor called an emergency meeting. The meeting, according to our source, was to dampen the anger of the SSG and to avert the embarrassment of another high profile resignation from his cabinet.

Already, the chief security adviser to the governor, a retired security agent by the name, Yankassai, became one of the recent cabinet level members to bite the dust – as he submitted his abrupt resignation [during the Holy Pilgrimage period]. His resignation came as a result of his protest to the governor of the excess and questionable deductions from monies allocated for use in the security upkeep of the State. According to the former aide, the governor and some of his family associates had engaged in actions bordering on subverting the security of innocent citizens and indigenes of Kano State.

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  1. @Bashir, it is because its performing its responsibility as an investigative journalism outfit. Moreover, its a gud thing that corrupt government officials are expose so we can have an accountable and responsible government

    • But they said “the SSG told the governor privately”,did they had an interview with the SSG and he told them that he told the governor privately and from there they got the information or how did they got to know.Have not voted for the governor but I believe there is high degree of sincerity in his present administration.

  2. Such is true as time is the genuine judge.
    See how the saintful governor (as he always claimed) nd his so-called relatives extramurally loots the money of kano citizenry.Lets go forward nd watch the frequent mischievous displayed by gov MAHAHA,WUJU-WUJU nd DAN UJILE.

  3. Allah Sarki Kwankwaso, I really pity you. Ba farkon ba, karshen. I always admire the immediate past governor of Kano State (Malam Shekarau). He had a successful beginning and beautiful ending, now moving all places freely with pride and cheers from all angle of our dear state, but Kwankwaso remained indoor. He neither attend Friday Prayers, nor condolences or any public gathering Why? Sir, you are not a truthful leader. I voted and worked hard to ensure the emergence of Kwankwaso but now seriously regretting. The government has nothing to show. Wallahi Your Excellency, ba ka da gaskiya, in ba haka ba me yasa kake buyarwa alummar ka?

  4. We in the Kwankwasiyya know that this will come one day. Ganduje and Rabiu Suleiman are one and because of their ambition they will never allow Kwankwaso to succeed. Is better he get rid of all of them

  5. Since you dare touch our respected Emir you will see hell in this world. Dan Shege a ko yaushe ba ya hali na gari. Allah Wadarai Kwankwaso

      • Kin yi gaskiya allah ne ya bawa kwankwaso sbd haka mun yarda da adalcin sa da kuma tsarin mulkinsa gaba dai gaba dai kwankwasiya rabiiya.dg habib malami sitti Sml

    • Haba dankarkasara yaya jama’ar karkasara zaka bata musu suna ace kana zagin shugaba wanda mafiya rinjayen alumma suka zaba kuma allah yace yayarda, kada kazamo sauran mutane marasa….?da fatan zaka yiwa bakin ka linzami ngd

    • Kwankwasiyya style of leadership: Fighting with Ulama, Business Community, Civil Servants, Co coleagues and now the Royal Class. Confiscating of Plots, Demolishing of houses, creating insecurity in the state, Misappropriating public fund, etc, etc. Kai!. But I am sure His Excellency is preparing ground to run away from Kano after his tenure like he did the other time

  6. We urge 247ureports not to heed idiotic comments like that of Bashir who is apparently a beneficiary of the rotten government in Kano. No Nigerian media outfit worthy of its name will fold its arms and allow a criminal gang of thieves have their way anywhere in the country. It will be failing in its responsibility if it does that.

    • Is this a news outfit or a group of faceless and clueless bunch of rugs who write malicious falsehood against prosperous people in their mists?

  7. But they said “the SSG told the governor privately”,did they had an interview with the SSG and he told them that he told the governor privately and from there they got the information or how did they got to know.Have not voted for the governor but I believe there is high degree of sincerity in his present administration.

  8. I dont know who these faceless news vendors are but I know most of the residents and indigenes of Kano are Muslims and very much aware of the position of The Sharia on fabrication of false stories and spreading rumor.
    I only pray that Allah forgives their sins and make them better people.

  9. As a matter of fact how could you ordered him (SSG) to send that letter and when it backbites then come back to insult him..?

  10. Kwankwaso needs to be transparent in the running of meager treasury.all the promises he made seems to be diminished at the alter of his egos and brigandage

  11. The noble Prophet of Allah said to all Muslims, “say what is good or keep quite”. False insinuations, fabrication of stories and “mummunan zato” are what a good Muslim should desist.

  12. oh my beloved people of kano history is more than the past left by the past, we have to refer back to see what happen to us when kwankwaso was the governor in 1999, what trouble he couse to us, by this we can plan for the future
    but when we lost this we fell in tragedy. may Allah save us from those evil leaders.

  13. Some poeple’s in the town they give this our governor one name, the name which are calling RABIU KYASHI, what is the reason of sending a querry letter to the emirate coucil for accounting money for good 8years, b’cos you are not the one give them? this is what a hausa called “RAININ WAYO”. My excellency you have be carefull this your seat is just like a chair of barbing saloon once you stand-up another will sit-down, so be reasoning before time engaged with you. Bye bye MAI JAR HULA

  14. Gawuna inzakayi bayani kayi da Hausa sai mugane. Hala dai baksan menene gwabnati ba ko? A halin yanzu Kwankwaso Allah ya baiwa amanar lalitar Kanawa don haka inyayi bibiya akan hakkinmu ai sai a gode kuma ayi masa addua.
    Kuma menene abin tsoro ga tambayar da akeson bayani Akan dukiyar da akaba wani amana? Kodai a amsa tambaya a duniya ko kuma a jira KIYAMA, amsa dai dolece.

  15. dan biyar makesure u think b4 tolk, b/c u don’t know wat is media is all about, dis is an international not {aiki sai maishi}were are respecting lie, regerding wat leaders say not God say, if not let took dem 2 cout, like what our former govn did and he win, people ar not talking on politics, but our blessing city kano let him do according to people need, the demand of kano are many interms of insecurity and other social aminities how many days remain 2 him? Allah ya yaye mana ameen.

    • Baffa kayi gaskiya haka muke son irinku masana kuyi wa azi daga cikin hadisai na fiyayyen halitta da kuma holy Quran,sai anjima.

  16. Kwankwaso is a LIAR, arrogant, insincere, ungodly, fetish, mushrik, junkie, looter and a tyrant. His like’s ending is catastrophic as history records. However, Rabiu Bichi, Ganduje and the rest deserve no sympathy as they follow Kwankwaso thinking that they could ‘chop’ not knowing that he is too greedy and self-centered. Banzaye!!!!!

  17. Mai Girma Dr Kwankwaso muna yi maka fatan Alkairi Allah ya taimakeka ya baka ikon ciyar da jahar Kano gaba. Ameen

  18. Mine is just a question to 247 reporters,why always negative on Kano state government? You have never been positive.and iam sure any body raining abuses on kwankwaso most be anti progressive or rather a member of HANDAMIYA, in 15 month kwankwasos projects includes: creation of informatics institution,governors collage,road expansion KABUGA,HADEJIA ROAD,ZARIA ROAD,DORAYI ROAD,and lots of shekaraus uncompleted project, which he shekarau swears that he has the funds to complete all his project, construction of 1000 + class rooms across 44 LGAs,and in the present administration corruption has dropped drastically.above 26 student were sent to India for marine studies. AUREN ZAWA RAWA and above all creation of another university in Kano (NWU). Only envying the administration bcos with all the ample time 8 years shekarau has nothing to show.

  19. Salam da allah alummar musulmi na jihar kano mu daina cin zarafin shugabanin da baki wadansu suna faman zagin kwankwaso, ba dai dai bane dan allah mu daina

  20. We’ve a dynamic leadership in kano…kwankwaso is a great leader…we re very proud of your archivements, may almighty allah guide nd protects u.*ameen*……allahumma yahdikum masu zagin shuwagabanni da masu fadar abinda basu ji ba,basu gani ba


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