Muslim Protest Spreads to Kaduna

Protesting in Kaduna

The protest against the Amercan film depicting the Prophet Mohammed [SAW] in negative light continues to across the Northern regions of Nigeria. Today, according to the information available to, the protest hit the streets of Kaduna State.

The protest, which is currenting on the offing [10:07am], is set to start from Tundun Wada Jumai’ Mosque and head to Nasarawa Friday Mosque. Thhe protest was scheduled to begin by 9am. It is being led by Sheik Zakzaki of Zaria.

Security has since been tightened along the protest route.

Sheik Zakzani brand of preaching is reported to be non-violent. For this reason, the security operative believe the protest may not dwindle to violence.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Sheik Zackzani Should b commended,U allowed 2 Protest but not @ d expense of another’s life or bodily harm,This is a Peaceful Protest,i Think is allowed,is okay if they dont understand d Prophet Mohammed S.A.W,n they Choose 2 potray him Wrongly,it’s up 2 every Moslem 2 try reorientate Non Muslims instead of Miaming or even taking dat soul just 2 assuage the Vengeance,aww my brother pls show some love n mercy


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