How Akpabio Is Turning Akwa Ibom Into A Killing Field – By Ikpafak Thompson Essien


It used to be one of the most peaceful areas, if not the most, in Nigeria, until 2007 when Akwa Ibom State was unfortunate to have a mad man at the helm of leadership. Today, Akwa Ibom State is known as the deadliest area in Nigeria. Even the United States Government has warned its citizens to stay away from Akwa Ibom.

A few weeks ago, the mother and the brother of a prominent lawyer (Barrister Francis Efanga) were murdered and their bodies cut into pieces. This is not to say that this particular incident was the only heinous crime committed at the time; kidnappings, assassinations, murders, and mutilation of bodies of defenseless indigenes are activities that occur on a daily basis in Akwa Ibom State. The murders of the mother of Efanga and that of his brother were well known, due to the prominence of Francis Efanga as an outspoken lawyer.

This past Saturday, Efanga’s brother and his dear mother were buried. So far, as usual, the police have no idea of who killed them in cold blood, not to talk of the government of Akpabio. And like many heinous crimes in the state, it is very likely this one, too, will never be solved, at least not when devil Akpabio is still in control of the state.

To follow the pattern of killings in Akwa Ibom State, last Saturday (September 8, 20012) another sad one happened. I am posting here a letter (below), which I received today from a very reliable source, which was kind enough to send me a detail report of the incident. The letter is unedited and it speaks for itself; it is a sad, a very sad situation. Enjoy!

Written by

Ikpafak Thompson Essien Portland, Oregon

Hi Thompson,

Edidiong Mfon Ekpoh, fondly called Papillo by his parents was shot on Sat the 8th of Sept at Osong Ama residential estate as he was returning with his mother from worship vigil at the Living Faith Church otherwise called Winners Chapel, in Uyo Capital of Akwa Ibom State.

The gunmen opened fire when the child held back the mother from being abducted by the men who were apparently kidnappers.

He was rushed to the Teaching Hospital where all efforts to save his life failed as the child passed on to heaven in the early hours of Sunday the 9th of Sept. 2012

Edidiong was a tall handsome believer in Christ whose forte was in the worship of Jesus. He was at home with the piano, the saxophone and handled these in the Church choir.

He and his mother were home on a visit to Akwa Ibom State, from Port Harcourt where they reside, and decided to worship penultimate night at the Living Faith Church.

His father, Group Capt Mfon Ekpoh was the former ADC to Air Marshall Nsikak Eduok when the latter was the Chief of Air Staff of Nigeria. Group Capt Ekpoh hails from ONNA Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. The child was aged 16.

Two months earlier, his Aunty—Mrs. Godwin Eduok—was kidnapped and a ransom of N50million was demanded.




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