African Americans home coming to Igbo land

African American Heritage Celebration

Former President Aide Appeals to Anambra Govt on Rojenny Oba

In less than two months, some African (black) Americans who recently traced their Origin to Igbo land through DNA test will embark on a home coming to Igbo land to identify with their ancestral home land. They are expected to arrive at Rojenny Tourist village Oba ahead of the Obibia Eri Festival at Aguleri Otu

To this end, the chief organizer of the visit and former special Adviser to former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Art and Culture Professor Catherine Acholomu has appealed to the Government of Anambra state to take urgent measures to upgrade Rojenny Tourist Village for the comfort of the histrionic home coming of the Igbos from the yanks land

Professor Acholonu stated that Rojenny was choused to host the visitors because of its atmosphere of nature with great tourist attraction, assuring that the visitors would be very comfortable in Oba if the facilities at Rojenny are up graded to appreciable standard.

She decried the poor condition of virtually all facilities in Rojenny particularly the stadium which looks like war relics, adding that the amusement park, the club house, the zoo and the environment are not just in good shape. She however noted that facilities like the refurbished Bat Soneco Hotel and Suites, the swimming pool and the tennis court are in good shape to some level of degree

She commended the proprietor chief Rommy Ezeonwuka for his efforts in establishing and maintaining Rojenny to the best of his abilities, calling on Anambra State Government to aid Rojenny village to enable it regain its status as a wonderful Tourist and Games Village East on the Niger.


DNA test: Black American traces their Origin to Igbo land, set to come home

The African (Black) Americans who exist in American lands of the US, Canada, South American and Caribbean countries have traced their origin to Igbo land following Deoxyribo-Nudeic-Acid (DNA) test conducted by researchers. And following the discovering however, the black Americans are set to come home to identity with their ancestral home of Igbo land.

A renowned researcher on art, culture and history Professor Catherine Acholonu disclosed this to journalists in press briefing in Onitsha. Professor Acholornu informed that the proposed historic home coming to Igbo land by black Americans is a home coming of those who were sold to the white men during the era of slave trade.

The renowned researcher who is a one-time Presidential Adviser to former President Oluseguu Obasanjo on Art and Culture also told journalists that American based firm NAUAS Int’l Consortium Inc USA in collaboration with Catherine Alcholonu Research Center is partnering with Anambra State Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism to organize the historic home coming.

She said that on arrival, the visitors will stay at Rojenny Village Oba from where they will go to places like Eri Palace in Enugu Aguleri and others places like Igbo Ukwu Mesuem, Ogbunike cave, Agulu Lake and Omambala River etc.

She stated that there is going to be an exercise to cleanse the visitors off the stigma of slave trade to be carried out at Omambala River noting that the visitors would find ways to fully integrate into the lives of Ndi Igbo.

Her words “they are going to hence forth be part and parcel of the Igbo people and as such would grab every opportunity to settle, participate and contribute to the all affairs of Ndi Igbo through the help of the state Government, traditional rulers, town union, churches and other bodies.

“For example, a governor or a traditional can say okay take this land and develop it as residential apartment in other words a village or community or town could adapt them as members of their entity and I can assure you that anybody that could be able to recognize them with such opportunity wont regret it.

The Professor who made shocking revelation on history saying that the Igbo man is the father of civilization, science and language informed that the Igbo man is the original father of the Jews contrary to popular impression that the Igbos are from the Jews land.

“No I don’t agree with you, the Jews are from Igbo land, not the Igbo from Jews, you see we have to rewrite history because a lot of things they tell us about history are wrong, a lot of them” he added.



  1. This is a welcome development. I hope the governors of South Eastern states should adhere to this call. We are making progress. Slow but steady we shall get there.

  2. A big warm welcome to African American immigrants as they arrive Igbo land, their ancentral home. I, commend the efforts of prof. Achalonu in re-writing history. Iam proud of her.

  3. Well said Professor. You have to take steps to protect them unless we want to expose them to entity that is ‘Nigeria’ who’d swindle, rob and kidnap them at the slightest opprotunity.

  4. We are looking forward to our coming home and our ritual cleansing from the abomination of slavery. The entire land must be cleansed of this abomination by a coalition of our traditional elders. Not only must returned descendants of captive African be cleansed from the abomination but the land itself must be cleansed.

    Prince Eluemuno of Iduu Eri Kingdom

  5. The Catherine Acholonu Research Center in aprtnership with the Federal Ministry of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation are pleased to extend a warm hand of welcome to our sons and daughters from the USA and the Caribbeans who are returning home to Nigeria for ritual Cleansing from the stigma of slavery, restoration of their ‘Freeborn’ Status and reintegration in our Royal Houses as Princes and Princesses of traditional Houses of the Great ancient civilizations of our nation Nigeria – Africa’s “Uncle Sam” – the nation that gave the world civilization, religion, language and cuture in the remotest times in human history. The Great Kings of the ancient Empires of Great Igboland, Great Benin, Great Oyo, Great Calabar (the Canaan City), Great Nupe, Great Bornu, Great Kano and Kanuri, Great Nok welcome you as you come this year and in other years to come. Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!!!!!!!!!!! Professor Catherine Acholonu (initiator).

  6. I and my family roots has been traced back to Our Igbo Heritage, on my Father’s side of Our Family, here in America. I am so honored and am so very very very happy to have come by this article. I will safe-guard it, by adding it to Our written history, left unto us by Our Late Great Uncle, of whom was 93 years of age, before passing away. And of whom did the research, and that the family owes for Our Family’s Discovery in this blessed area of our life’s work from slavery to present day. selah


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