Abacha’s son hooked on cocaine —Family insider


By News Express

One of the sons of late dictator, Gen. Sani Abacha,  is hooked on cocaine, it has been revealed. To sustain the dirty and  very expensive habit, the chap has reportedly resorted to selling the  possessions of his mother, former First Lady Hajiya Maryam Abacha.
These are some of the claims contained in a story, ‘I sold Maryam  Abacha’s jewels to buy cocaine for her son’ published this morning by  the authoritative Abuja-based Daily Trust newspaper. The name of the son is not disclosed.
According to the story, ‘A telephone operator in the house of the  late Head of State General Sani Abacha, who is standing trial before a  Kano Chief Magistrate’s Court over alleged theft of jewelries belonging  to former First Lady Hajiya Maryam Abacha, has told the court that son  of the late military head of state sent him to sell the gold and buy  cocaine with the proceeds.
‘Abdullahi Ali, who was charged to court along three others for the  offence committed in 2007, denied the allegation of theft and house  breaking in his defence yesterday. While being led by his counsel,  Barrister Abubakar Muhammad, the accused said Abdullahi Sani Abacha gave him the jewelries about five years ago, when his mother was away in  Abuja.
‘ “He directed me to sell it and take the money to one Tony in Sabon  Gari [quarters] to collect cocaine for him,” he said. He also said  Abdullahi almost killed him when he refused to comply with a similar  directive, earlier on.
‘The accused person, who has been in prison custody for five years,  said he was given N110,000 as part payment for the gold which he sold  N220, 000. “I took the money to Tony and collected the cocaine,” he  added.
‘Ali, however, said when Maryam Abacha returned from the journey and  discovered that she had been robbed, other house servants who were not  in good terms with him roped him in. He said the chief security officer  to the former First Lady, Captain Hassan, along with Mohammed Ali, Musa  Ya’u and Murtala Ali, told Maryam that they were suspecting him.
‘ “When I told the police about Tony, Captain Hassan quickly called  him on the phone and asked him to run away and since then I have not  heard from him again,” he said.
‘Chief Magistrate Khadi-jah Mustapha adjourned the case to September 19, 2012.’


  1. Theif stole nd was robed along d way nd he started shouting theif! theif!! .My pple when d cooking pot was boiling d yam no sound was heard nd when it was time 4 mortar 2 pound, every where bcame noisy,so it is true dat d gruesome won’t acept d slightest hurt.We all kno how Abacha nd his family plunder nd looted our treasury even when he was considered dead Maryam Abacha was busy loadin raw cash in bags nd flew dem eva b4 her late husby was atended to nd yet she put a servant 2 prison for 5yrs without trial bcos of comon 200,000 wit a litu above dat,hmm which court do we take her nd her family to now? May b in heaven b4 God. If men were 2 b God,mankind would av bn doomed,thank God 4 God,thank God man is not God.If am 2 b d judge I wil set free nd acquit d accuse wit a charge of “go nd sin no more,” or wot do u think?.


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